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Made by Bychop *Samuel Gauthier*
Thanks to Davous13 on Beta Test.

Made in 6 days (about 14h each days).
Enjoy my first game submission :)

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Hahahaha, it's pretty bad and needs work at the moment, like you just say.

has potential

The concept, art, and music are nice but the game has many flaws

1. the physics are terrible, it takes too long to get to running speed and you've made it to hard to jump forward. I suggest you put in faster acceleration and the ability to change movement in midair.
2. the game is too short. you could've put in more monkey bean obstacles, more places to get food, and more places to cook. (You've also made pigs kinda rare in the game, please fix that too)
3. there are glitches, like the time I fell through the ground and etc.

this game has a lot of room for improvement, do you think you could make a sequel?

Bychop responds:

I don't know if I will continue this game.
For each next game, I'll CLEAN the programmation first and deal with gameplay.

Thank you M. BoredLooney

Get a programmer

The idea is interesting, but as pointed put by the rest, it lacks speed. Get yourself a good programmer, team up and work it out, and this could land the soup.

Bychop responds:

I'll work harder on programmation :)

Nice concepts...

But the execution was bad. There are still so many bugs and flaws in the game.

First of all, is the slow paced movement. My guess is that you tried to lengthen the gameplay by doing so. Forgive me if I am wrong, but the slowness of the movements just lessens the mood to play

Second, is the inefficient map changing. When you have to press E just to move to another map. And I don't know if it's only me, but most of the time when I'm changing the map, the werewolf rolls to the front(as if i had just pressed jump, which I didn't). And I noticed that when I move into the sea map, sometimes the boat doesn't appear until I press forward, which makes it look like I'm running on the sea

Third, is the kick and punch. When I think of werewolves, I'd like to say they are ferocious creatures, biting and clawing through their victims, not punching or kicking. Perhaps you can add the feature to do so, it'd make it much more appealing

And lastly, is just the story. I was moving right all the way, then seeing other werewolves attack me, then i just keep bashing kick to push them away, then suddenly, the game ends... It's a bit too short on that side, which comes back to my first point, whether you are trying to lengthen it by slowing everything down.

The concept is good, but there needs to be a whole better point of the things you find in game... Food doesn't do anything except open the path, and there are no health bar(Which I'm wondering if water does anything to the health)

But from what I've seen, you're on a good start. The graphics are nice, simple gameplay, the game's interesting really. There are few people, on their first try, to achieve something like this. Great job ;)

Bychop responds:

I tried to make Werewolf stronger (When you attack, the map is shaking). But it look like I failed x) You have right about biting and clawing.
I will work better on gameplay on my next game to make it faster and dynamic.
Thank you very much for your review. I've better idea of my next game :) You'll see this next week-end if I finish it.


Simply terrible, I dont know how i managed to get through the whole thing

Bychop responds:

I'm sorry if you didn't enjoy Fisherwerewolf. I look at your reviews... You don't know what is it to work in flash, don't you? I know my game has is lagging on old computer and it has slow gameplay, but that doesn't make it "terrible". I think graphical aspect and the design are good. But it is my own view.
Can you detail what is bad, please?

Credits & Info

2.71 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2011
6:59 AM EDT