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Space Rampage

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Space Rampage is a arcade styled side view space shooter.
Collect mining bots and kill enemies to get points. Pick up weapons and powerups to aid your fight against enemy spaceships.
Default controls are
Rotate Up - Up Arrow
Rotate Down - Down Arrow
Turbo Boost - Shift
Shoot - Space
Pause - P

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The game really needs some serious tweaking, as the controls are awkward, and it's really hard to aim. instead of constantly moving, and only being able to rotate, why not lay the controls out like this:

Up: Move forward
Down: Move backwards
Right: Turn Right
Left: Turn Left

The rest of the controls are fine, but as other reviewers have stated, the enemies are too hard to kill, and the play area is much too small.

Overall, this game has potential, but otherwise it's a waste of time.

Unpolished, but there's potential

I'd restart but keep the mechanics.
The default controls are stupid. I changed them to:
Rotate Up - Left Arrow
Rotate Down - Right Arrow
Turbo Boost - Up Arrow
Shoot - Space

The game is too hard, playing space is too small, enemies are too fast, weapons are too inaccurate. Give us a way to slow down the ship and a larger playing space - it feels really really cramped.

There's potential here, the game is just really frustrating to play in its current form.

This has the makings of a really good game ...

... but it's a bit too frustrating at the moment.

Graphics: Good, but distinguishing between enemies and powerups is sometimes difficult.
Animation: Ran very smoothly on my platform (IE8, Vista 64 bit)

Gameplay: I found it very difficult to shoot down anything without ramming it!

1. Most enemies seem to absorb a lot of damage.
2. Some enemies always turn towards the player.
3. It's not possible to slow down the player ship.

Put 1, 2 and 3 together and it becomes almost impossible to avoid running into a target.

Perhaps give the "homing" enemies larger turning radii. Also, the ability to slow down the player ship would help a lot.

I think you could make this game fun to play just by tweaking a few parameters here and there.

this is poop

i didnt think this game is any good the animation is poor and slow and what the hell does the guy say when you die and why does it keep saying jason at the very beggining of the game i thought it was going to be good from the starter screen i was wrong.

Credits & Info

2.54 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2011
10:22 PM EDT