Two Powers

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You control one of Japanese feudal warlords. Using samurai, you conquer new provinces. Using ninja, you disclose enemy attack plans and kill their generals.

Detailed walkthrough: http://www.thunderbird.cz/games/two-powers-walkthrough

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Decent game. However my game constantly crashes when I play as the Oda.

feel free to play this game if you like gambling. A 4 star general with 4x the enemy force gets absolutely smashed down to 2 dudes and the enemy gets a papercut. It doesn't seem like the creator actually put any variables or anything into this to decide who wins (i'm sure they actually did, it just doesnt seem like it), it just plays like the game goes "fuck it" and rolls some dice. Same goes for the sequel, the whole thing plays like a game of chance.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Maybe you were trying to do something stupid like attacking an enemy castle with an insufficient force?
Actually, chance is only a small part of what decides in the battle, and anyone who knows the strategy and tactics is able to win the game on the hard difficulty. I always do.

This walkthrough might help: http://www.thunderbird.cz/games/two-powers-walkthrough

It's ok... But it's way too difficult later on. It just pisses me off how my 4 star general gets killed by a single freakin ninja. And how my Army of 89 samurais and 5 Ninjas gets eradicated by an army of about 40. Great game and concept. But there's a quite of bit that's just ridiculous.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Ninjas are worthless in the army. Place them in the territories instead, to spy on enemy.

Cool setting and theme. How do the ports work? From what I've experienced the AI can use them but not the player. The tutorial was ok but would have been better if it was more thorough. How long do ninjas have to stay in a province before revealing the enemies plans? Especially if as you say:
"The key to winning is getting enemy plans under control by your ninjas. Then you don't need to care about the battle luck or occasional rebellions."

The game is challenging but is feel like the AI is playing with an advantage.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Ports are connected to each other.
If a ninja stays alive in a province for the next turn, he reveals what's inside. If you leave ninja in a CAPITAL, you have a chance to reveal the enemy plans. The more ninja you put there (max.4), the better the chance (max 75%).
The AI has no advantage, unless you choose the hard level. Maybe they just utilize ninjas better than you do :)

Love this game.

Like it has been stated before, it is extremely difficult to win unless luck is on your side, you choose the correct clan, the moves you make, etc, etc. It is a very complicated game.

I guess my favourite part of the game are the random rebellions, haha. Good job nonetheless.

Thunder-Hawk responds:

Believe me, if you get plans of your enemies under control with your spies, there is a little to worry about. With the right strategy, there is not much place left for bad luck.
(Unless you play on hard with Hosokawa or Takeda.)

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3.67 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2011
1:14 PM EDT
Strategy - Other