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Manala (finnish for "underworld") is a game about defense, timing and reflexes. You play as a ninja who gains various abilities during the game, ranging from fireballs to healing abilities. During the game you will face various waves of monsters that you must defeat, while you'll also get to fight off the big and bad Bosses. Will you defeat them all, or will you die trying?

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This is a greatly challenging game

Wow, this game is very fun and addicting. Game play was hard, but easily adaptable to although I didn't like that every time you send a score, you have to watch another ad to play again and repeat the process so it gets a 9. Controls are a 9 because I did like the simple way to fire kunai, but the specials were hard to use during a huge mob. Quality was fine for a pixilated game and gets a 10 though I didn't quite figure out slow motions were your opportunity to fire multiple kunai in that time. Story line is an 8 because doesn't really matter for a game that gets right into the game, but a good scheme would augment views and score. Challenge would get a 9 because it is not crazily hard and is kind of easy to adapt to after a restart. The game really is addicting mostly because of the high scores table and the urge to beat the game so it gets a 10. Game length is a 10 because it isn't too short nor too long of a game with a high scores table. It appears you have put a lot of effort into this using great music and enemies and that is great so effort get a 10. Lastly, fun is a 10 because a 10 is a fun...thing.
Story line-9
Game play-9
Game length-10
"This game was great to play and is even more fun with the challenges of getting high scores." ~Shawn G.

A great arcade game.

Everything about this game was fun and entertaining, my first score was 2,074. I plan on making many other scores playing this game.

twas aite

below average

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3.83 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2011
11:47 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed