Xionic Madness 4 Part-1

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Special Note: There's a song featured by Xarnor. "The Mighty Taikos" It plays right after the flashback. I'm putting this here because he took down most of his songs, but he allowed me to use the ones I had of him if I credited them via here. :D

Omega and Xero continue to struggle, only to face their strongest rival yet, their former partner, Kareleinne-08.

Yo! How's it going :) It sure has been a while, but here I am! I bring you the first part of the last installment of Xionic Madness's Saga. There are a couple of reasons of why I decided to split it up, but the strongest one is that I don't want to go through the same mess as with Xionic Madness 3 by making it a full around 20 minutes Flash.

I wanted to put every VA in the rooster as a Co-author, but they surpass the allocated limit for co-authorship (They are 11!) So I'll stick with just putting the ones with the most lines. (The three main characters, naturally.)

If everything goes right, the second part will be submitted on Madness Day 8D

Well, here it is! I hope you enjoy it :D!

¡Nos vemos!


halo 2

yeah he was right i was a little bit disappointed when i one shot tartarus ( final halo 2 boss ) just requires a well placed sticky

god damn this is great

this is the fucking great its the best thing that has happened to madness EVER!!!!!!!!!

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1 word

! love your work I reckon every movie you make is getting better!

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halo 2

"man, this is like halo 2 all over again."xero says lol!

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Amazing Work!

Keep in mind that this review was originally deleted in the Canas Situation, I was just too lazy to bother putting it back up again. I'm saying this also because this review might sound slightly different from my other version, but you don't care, you can't even remember what it was like in the first place.

Story: Not much to say here, seeing as this installment doesn't further the story. It's mainly just action.

Animation: Very fluent, very good, etc. As I said in my Achievement Madness review, I don't normally pay very much attention to the animation.

Voices and Dialouge: Awesome. Voice choices are brilliant and Dialouge fits perfectly. One line, however, really caught me off guard. It's when Xero says:
"This is Halo 2 all over again!'
It just seemed very out of place.

OVERALL: Good movie, I can't wait to see Part 3.

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