Vampire Vision

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Kill vampires before they infect the innocent humans. Each town has different Tarot cards that describe how to detect vampires - read them carefully!

Developed by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington.

UPDATE (16 Aug): Made some performance improvements that should reduce lag. If you are still experiencing lag try switching to Medium or Low quality (in the main menu or top left in level selection screen). Thanks!


Stake them All... mwah hah ha!!

Vampires suck, so this game is great fun trying to spot them and staking them. Sometimes I get a little carried away and stake a human or two. Ah, well... that's the price for calling me in to get rid of the pests :)

Great game!

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well this seems quite new, and although it feel really simple to do its fun and addicting

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Very interesting!

This game is very unique and shows a lot of work. I'm very interested in learning more about the study you were conducting. I take it has something to do with how people can pick out individuals from a crowd and what traits they tend to focus on. I also take it you were testing to see if playing this game improves people's ability to track multiple objects in motion via peripheral vision, but I'm afraid that part of your test may not be valid. The arrow-tracking game is unfortunately too much of a chore compared to the vampire game, and I fear most people playing will have given up trying seriously at the arrow game. You're going to have to come up with a better incentive to sit through that chore than offering some virtual currency that serves no purpose at all.

Also, have you thought of a way to discern and throw out trials where two people were working together on the same game? It is a fun game, after all :).

At any rate, I heartily applaud your efforts of using games to study human psychology. I will be sure to read more about the Center for Game Science.

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CenterForGameScience responds:

We just added a "more info" page in the "About" section which lists all the specific skills we're trying to improve on.

Thanks for the feedback regarding tests. We're currently testing for different skills. It seems like you've got the multiple object tracking test, but others were assigned a visual search task, or a numerosity task etc. The virtual currency we give after a test does have a purpose in the game (buying gems), but it isn't a huge incentive. We're currently debating how we could better integrate this part to the game flow.

It's going to be hard to know how many people play with friends. We estimate that the majority of players are playing alone on their computer.

Thanks for your comments, please let us know if you've got further thoughts!

Cool game.

Though I didn't like the "same/different" game. The rest was pretty good.

CenterForGameScience responds:

This part is actually a test to see if you're improving at this particular visual skill.

Really entertaining!

But I dislike the same/different mini-game. It's so bland. If there was a skip button, or even different mini games, that would make this game a 10, but because of that, I'd have to take away a star.

But besides that, this is an ingenious game, and quite the puzzle. I like it!

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CenterForGameScience responds:

Thanks for the good words!

The mini-game is really just a visual test. They're left intentionally bland, since we need to make sure nothing is distracting players from the task. We want to measure players' ability at basic visual perceptual tasks, which are useful in fields like hunting/driving. We'll then use the data we collect to understand how people can learn to be better at these things.

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Aug 11, 2011
6:13 PM EDT
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