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Vampire Vision

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Kill vampires before they infect the innocent humans. Each town has different Tarot cards that describe how to detect vampires - read them carefully!

Developed by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington.

UPDATE (16 Aug): Made some performance improvements that should reduce lag. If you are still experiencing lag try switching to Medium or Low quality (in the main menu or top left in level selection screen). Thanks!


Nice but.,.

The unavoidable and unskippable observation minigame (blue/orange dots) is very irritating. its not hard, it just breaks the flow of the game and force me to do spend one minute doing something i find boring and repetitive. (aka : not fun)

What are coins good for? I cant buy anything! I got 5 badges and i could get a "gem" upgrade.. but why cant i get something else instead? the others are locked and i dotn know why.

The game in itself is pretty nice, observation is what matters. Some rule sets are really hard (like humans turn around often + vamps are normal humans)

Solid game, good concept, good gameplay. Would like to be able to skip the boring "dots" minigame.

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CenterForGameScience responds:

Get the "gem" upgrade, you'll be able to use your coins to buy gems on any level. Once you've got that upgrade you'll be able to any other upgrade.

The dots mini game is actually a test to see if you're improving at this particular visual skill.

okay, so!

awesome game!! there is still lag, but it's okay for me because my laptop sucks balls, and so does my wireless mouse. on another note, some humans seem to not have reflections and it's almost impossible for me to see the fangs. so that makes it extremely hard. and with the lag.. well, once one vampire with wings explodes, my computer goes nuts, and my mouse doesn't move fast enough for me to click on the next one, or the next one, so i auto fail those levels before i even get a chance. other than that, it's a really cool game with a cool, new concept

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CenterForGameScience responds:

Thanks for the feedback. We just pushed an update that should reduce the lag. Also, you were right and there was a bug with the small puddles not reflecting humans - fixed!

A great concept, but it fails in small details

This is a pretty cool, simple rather casual, yet challenging game. I love the humor and the game's concept itself.

However I find my experience to be less than desirable at some parts of the game. These are 2 things that I personally find most annoying:
1) You know those text that goes "1 more Vampire left"? Yup, they actually obstruct my vision of some traits; for instance there was actually a vampire talking to a human, but because of that text, I couldn't see his fangs, and the human got bitten. I could say the same for some of the other buttons.
* My suggestion for this is to make the text and buttons out of the playzone. That way those things will not obstruct your vision while you can still see/access them.

2) Some traits are basically almost impossible to tell. If the vampires have red eyes, its impossible to tell if they are facing away from you. The puddle levels tend to be a bit of an annoyance as the shadow is a little telegraphed from the feet of the characters and vampires can't be detected if they decide to walk at the bottom bit of the puddle. You can't really tell who is the vampire if the trait is as unnoticeable as always waking. While I admit that these adds to the difficulty, they also tend to be rather irritating when vampires refuse to reveal themselves or when the humans begin acting just like the vampires.

3) My greatest issue with the game was lag; its what really killed the game for me. I don't know how or why it happens, but it is possibly related to the graphics, seeing as the game is laggiest when there are a lot of vampires, when the bat explosion occurs and when I kill vampires (the coins).

All in all, the main problem with the game is that it has a tendency to restrict your vision when the game most requires it. Fix these issues and the lag and it'd be a lot more enjoyable.

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CenterForGameScience responds:

Thanks for the feedback! We'll look at the data we've got for every level, and tweak the most difficult ones. Lag should be better already - try to select low quality in the main menu.


This game is addictive and makes you more "alert".
Some games are just predictable;You make tasks that you mostly know what will do,and know what will happen in a certain time.
This one is different,you have to:
1. Use your vision (different or the same - im talking about the vampires/humans,not minigame)
2. Use your memory (bell/sunflower - tarot cards)
3. Use your reflex and focus (humand and vampire talking + vampires that will just use the explosion and turn humans into vampires)
4.Use your strategy intelligence (upgrades part)
5.Pay a good attention and use careful read(tarot cards before a mission and their infos)

-Good art.
-Nice gameplay.
-Good difficulty (challenging)
-Very creative.
-Simple and easy to understand.
-Good use of music and sounds - and somewhat funny.

-Sometimes a lag happens - although i didnt experience often.
-Wrong click - you can accidentally bash a human
-In some levels,the perspective of your vision can be troublesome
-Re-do levels - bit frustating if you couldnt achieve a badge,and since this game is supposed to train your mental abilities,replaying a level means you will do better than before.

The core of the game is very well made.The cons werent enough to lower my opinion about this piece of art here though.They are minimal anyway,and it didnt made it less fun.

Entertaining and creative! :)

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CenterForGameScience responds:

Thanks for your good words! We already addressed lag, and we'll look at the other cons you mentioned.

really fun!

but the view distance got irritating

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Aug 11, 2011
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