Vampire Vision

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Kill vampires before they infect the innocent humans. Each town has different Tarot cards that describe how to detect vampires - read them carefully!

Developed by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington.

UPDATE (16 Aug): Made some performance improvements that should reduce lag. If you are still experiencing lag try switching to Medium or Low quality (in the main menu or top left in level selection screen). Thanks!


Easy but challenging later

After I started the first level I couldn't stop. It was the best game I have encountered in awhile. Not too graphic heavy and yet still good art. It had easy gameplay and simple goals. However I found the Park far too challenging with "The Insomiac.". My computer has a low light level which makes it impossible. A lower amount of darkness to suit lower light level computers would help me out. However i realize that if this is not possible I will simply increase my computer's light, I'm asking this only for the lazy people like me. :)


so the game, in the beginning, was promising. It was pretty fun and every level seemed different. The game looks pretty nice and it works.

but is there a goal? an end to the game? it doesnt seem like it. The upgrades become way "expensive" and the levels go into repeat. The difficulty is slowly rising (when looking at the circle bars) but I am pretty bored with this game now.

In principle a nice game, but lack of ending and thereby causing repetition breaked it for me. Also; even though the color game was pretty fun AT FIRST, after 3 times I had enough.

make an ending game and itll score better

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Good, but...

I liked the game. I thought it was funny and the art was cute. There were things throughout the game that I enjoyed, like the whole town dancing when they were rid of the vampires - hilarious! And I really liked the dots game. It's an excellent observation game. I would actually not mind playing that as a separate game by itself. I liked the upgrading bit and the use of different gems, etc.

The one thing that I didn't like, and which has forced me to stop playing as of now. I'm on level 6 and in the 'vampires are different' game, there's too much of a lag. So even when I'm going as fast as I can, I'm not able to complete the game, and I've been trying this for quite a bit of time. It would make more sense to either correct the lag or increase the time limit/reduce the number of vampire waves.

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Good game

but at one point i couldn't finish one of the timed ones due to my mouse (or me) being rubbish, but when i clicked skip it replaced it with a level of equal difficulty, i'm guessing that wasn't meant to happen?

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tons of fun, but i tried the advice you gave, and the game was still lag-tastic. otherwise, awesome. maybe it was just a problem with my browser since my review is lagging as well...
as some of the others said, the practice sessions sucked, my eyes almost glazed over. still awesome! i want a sequel! maybe with zombies instead, like a whole undead hunter series!

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Aug 11, 2011
6:13 PM EDT
Action - Other