Sonic VS ??? Unfinished

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A preview for a sprite battle I never finished. Should I finish it, or not?


Doesnt seem like it was worth it to be honest. So nah

A tip

Don't put unfinished stuff on.

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Too short

This is too short, even for a preview. It was nicely animated, but it deserves turd of the week for being so meaningless

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a great animation but to short and loop

this really deserves the turd of the week if you want to add a flash to newgrounds you should end and make better give 2 only for the animation and the draw but is too short the trailers is to poor and loop if you want to add animation or game you should finish all the work

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SO short.....

...even for a test piece. Have to say though I find it kind of sad people do not upload their test or beta content to Dumping Grounds so people can give feedback on what they think should be done rather than uploading it to the flash portal where it stands a chance to survive but will most likely end up blammed in the end due to shortness, annoyance, bugs, etc.

It is not awful bad for a start but given as it is at the moment you have no real idea of what to expect in the future and there is no back story to it either. Really hope the finished project ends out well though considering that even though this is a few seconds it looks alright anyways, it is just the idea and fact that this is short and leaving too much of a plot hole and many other things open.

For a few seconds the animation seems alright. Sonic's shoe and leg seem to have some details on them but shading would help and the field and skies look alright I suppose. The it goes right to the screen saying versus and bother versions of retro Sonic leaping at each other too. You just have to wonder whats going to happen anyways.

The music was alright I think. What was it called anyways? Music and the first two or three seconds of this are good though.

Overall, needs a lot of work but ok for a few seconds. A preloader and play button would be nice so it does not loop over and over again.

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0.80 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2011
5:25 PM EDT
  • Turd of the Week August 16, 2011