Anal Adventures

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Me and Sam are close to finishing some new cartoons..

But in the meantime here's a short, tasteless pun.

http://www.youtube.com/hi gh5toons


really, a dull 1 liner pun?

really? we all expect the "do you come here often" joke, but, where are the other jokes or puns? all the build up, and all of the let down. some of your other work are short, but have something to them..... more then 1 line. try a little "harder"...

Great Pun!

And it was a good flash for it's length.

Now i don't really see why the rest of the reviews all seem to be negative about the fact that this was a really short flash and that the one joke that was in it didn't crack them up when the description acctually describes this flash as a "short, tasteless pun."

It was intended to be short, deal with it. It's even anouned that some other cartoons are close to be finished, NG you make me wanna cry.

On the other note the animation was smooth, the voices where fitting and the story(pun) was a humorous one. Great work

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Hate to be the one to suggest it,

But i think that this is a terrible flash video (i went in expecting terrible, but in a different sense) and that this is Most definately not worth anything that went in. the animation (all fifteen seconds of it) were smooth, but the video is not really good, and only worth the ability to criticize Coughing-Dog on his handiwork.

The whole video hangs in the balance of a single joke, so if you cried laughing when watching "Anal Adventures" this video was a killer, But i did not.


This made me sad :( I felt like there was a nice idea somewhere in here and the build up was good.. then the guy says an alright joke.. and that was it. They should have talked more or something.

Also the guys ass doesn't even have an anus? It looked odd. Had such a great opportunity to draw a mans anus and you did not even do that! :(

Good day to you sir, that is all I have to say now. Good day.

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I see you've decided on the title for your auto-biography but it might help with the story if you actually do something.

But seriously, about the flash, if you'd bothered to give it some length , then I bet it would have been really popular. This kind of retarded, gay sex flash shit (and maybe adding a touch of heterosexuality), is just what NGers seem to love these days. Not me though.

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2.80 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2011
2:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original