The Rainbow Poop Game

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This was actually a big project done by a couple friends and I. It's our first game, but we want to see how the public will react. Obviously there are glitches and we are quite aware of them. Control a Rainbow colored turd through five intense levels. Click to skip screens. Enjoy!


I like it, it's fun and cute, but a bit too many bugs.
Gave it 5.

This game is crack and Rainbow Dash got paid good money to supply the ****

The poop is very cute. I like the music, too. The backgrounds are pretty cool. But damn those toilet papers and whatever the other thing is are really annoying! ;~; I'm not sure if it was a glitch or not, but at the start of the levels, there was a wall you could jump on, and when I did, I'd sometimes go through it and fall down the other side.

Good Fun

A pretty simple yet fun game you've got here. It's obvious a lot of time and work was put into this one. I didn't notice any glitches that really broke the game (sometimes I did die however immediately after respawning when I appeared over a pit randomly) and it was easy to look past the glitches.

I only made it to level four but stopped there because I was having problems making the jumps without getting hit by those corkscrew things. They're -REALLY- hard to see coming combined with the increased jump distances which makes it feel a bit more luck based than the previous levels; either you make it when they happened to be down or you restart. There were also some minor collision detection problems (Rainbow Poop's hurtbox seems a bit larger than its body is but that may just be me).

Music and graphics were great and the gameplay was simple yet amusing. You've got a really good game going here, would love to see a sequel or a revised version later.


I keep killing da poop. Poor little unicorn turd (everyone knows unicorns poop rainbows...unicorns and nyan cats). Even though I kept dying I liked it. Simple controls, pretty colors...it works. I actually didn't even notice any glitches. Nice work.

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2.97 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2011
10:53 AM EDT
Adventure - Other