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Grey Story

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Arrow keys or WSAD to move.

Please note the game was previously stolen and submitted by someone else, if you liked it before I hope you will like it again! Many thanks to shadow6nothing9 for the music and the newgrounds community for its support!

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When I clicked on play it wouldn't let me in. I tried Enter and the arrows but it still wouldn't let me play. I've never played this before but I Bet its good

I loved this game when I played it before and I love it now. There's one problem though: I can't play it. I try to click on PLAY but nothing happens. But it still deserves 5 stars.

the way i see the story is: you find your lover upset but dont know why until you come across the grave and realize that you died. you hate seeing her so gloomy and desperately want to bring the 'color' back into her life. one by one you gather things that meant something to her and you and she starts getting better. as you gather the items you realize that you are fading away and your time is almost up. you place the last object down and bid your final goodbye. she faintly hears your voice and looks back only to see you're gone. a smile graces her and she comes to peace with your absence.

but thats just my point of view on it

This game is pretty bad, it's not the worst in the world because the art is very simple and pleasant to look at. The music is elegant and heartbraking at the same time but doesn't fit this art style but it goes well with the story. The story is shedding light on a topic of devoting lots to a single person you adore just to make them happy but becoming someone who you're not. The level design is boring, the controls are simple and they don't try to introduce higher level of thinking on how to work through a difficult obstacle. You just have to go on that other platform and boom, you get to the other. At no time did I get confused nor did I feel a bit challenged. The characters are even less interesting, it's a cute girl and a guy who spoils the girl. It was tedious and boring, I would get one object, give it to the girl, then I would go all the way to the other end to get it. You can't lose, and when you win, the ending is even worse. The person vanishes and the girl just looks back at nothing, then sits on the ground with all this stupid crap from some person who's just gone. I overall had a bad experience playing the game because of 3 things, it was boring, it was tedious, it wasn't challenging. It might be a bad game, but I can imagine this making a good and moving cartoon.

This is a great game. It tells so much without a single word. Trying to make someone happy can be hard, and sometimes you lose yourself in the process. I relate to it so much and the message is so powerful. It's a beautiful game. I love how the colors fill in as you collect gifts, yet you start to fade. The music is also perfect. It's an amazing piece.