Boomerang vs Mr.kickman

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RHG tournament round 1 (2011) on fluidanims.com

Boomerang - Boomerang
Mr.Kickman- strong legs

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Edit: Thanks to everyone for the positive and negative comments, and thanks to newgrounds crew for the front page :D
I'll try to make something better next time.


Good but what?

I They just saw each other in the sewers, then they started fighting, WTH?
also I bet psyder and plasmaghost fought over who would win the place as the winner of this flash (probably rock paper scissors)

Not the best I've seen.

Animation: Excellent. Choreography: Great.

But not only did Boomerang have a SEVERE advantage over Mr. Kickman (who's kicks just seemed average to me) but their fighting styles just didn't define them. I felt as though Mr. Kickman was trying to do too many kicks, simply because his kicks were the only thing in his arsenal. It would be one thing if his kicks sent boomerang through the wall, or at least dazed him on impact, but instead they just fall flat. You need more impact on both sides. I think Boomerang would be in for a rough fight if he was fighting Steel Stick, or something similar, and if Kickman's kicks actually had noticeable impact, but instead what we're left with is two stick figures, one with a boomerang, fighting in a sewer.

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random stick fight ftw

It was alright

It was alright, i understand where you were coming from trying to have them have different "weapons or styles" like with jetsword vs yoyo (i forgot the actual name lol) but the characters didnt seem too fleshed out in their themes, basically Mr.kickman didnt do much kicking and boomerangs boomerang didnt seem like a primary thing integral to how he fights it just felt like and attachment like a combat knife or batmans baterangs. The choreography was good but the characters just didnt stick to me (hehe) enough to be remembered for who they were.

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ohhh yeahh

I love this RHG

The fight place cant be better lol
But really, the movements are fluid and it has nice angles, the music choice is good too

Nice job Psyder

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3.93 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2011
5:13 PM EDT