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In this game, you try to solve murder mystery by using your point and click puzzle solving skills. Good luck and have fun!

video walkthrough! http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=ZuTGf2-Wn80


Good game.

I'd like to play another one. Well made, played well and so forth.

My only complaint was the fact if you go(its already been mentioned) to the second crime scene and leave and go back, the painting isn't there. Don't know if its meant to be that way, but first time around i didn't even pay attention to it. But I looked at the walkthrough to see if I had missed something and sure enough, I had, but the painting wasn't there any longer.

I just restarted it then finished it, but it is a small hindrance.

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i was wondering why it was taking you so long to release another detective game! this is awesome!

This game is a 12 out of 10!

I love love love murder mysteries, so much. However, I usually end up hating the detectives on CSI shows because of their arrogant, egotistical, agravating personalities. This was great because I got to be the detective. :D The likeness to the actors was amazing. Great puzzles and interesting crime scenes. However, I figured out whodonit in the first few min. :/ Maybe its just because I'm an artist, but the detective seem dumb and unable to put obvious clued together until there was more evidence that S P E L L E D it out infront of your face. Otherwise, it awesome.

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whats a rizzoli?

its like every profesional detective game ive ever played,
btw in hospital area if you leave without checking the fingerprint in painting, it will dissapear along with the body so you cant return and check fingerprint for it ...might be a prob , i restarted the game and got throught to the end though.
and in first area in the bathroom, have to use blood sprinkle to make the blood apear and then swab it for evidence, y would theres an indication of blood there? unless victim head is bleeding? ( i look in walkthrough XD if not i would never know )

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This game is really great, but I thought I was going to play Rizzoli and/or Isles, not a detective separate from them. Still, you did an awesome job making this so kudos to you!

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4.32 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2011
3:40 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click