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In this game, you try to solve murder mystery by using your point and click puzzle solving skills. Good luck and have fun!

video walkthrough! http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=ZuTGf2-Wn80


I quite enjoyed this.

THe only problem I had with it is not on your part but mine. I was totally stuck at one point and went online for help and people told me to combine clues and then I was like... D'Oh!

Anyway, I really liked this game, good job

Even though...

I had to play it twice because i missed the painting at the hospital, maybe have a re-do feature or something like that because It's a little frustrating later in the game when you can't finish the game but you can't find what you missed. Literally there's no way you could find it. Yeah, it is kind of dumb to go to the murderers house alone without telling anyone, I'd bring a whole team with me with vests on and guns, but hey, it didn't make the game any less fun. Even though some complain about gameplay that's to easy, or that doesn't have enough depth I enjoyed it. If they wanted to play something harder then they should have played a different game, not EVERYTHING has to be a challenge, you can sit back and relax and play an easy game every now and again.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game and I enjoyed clicking around and putting clues together.

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great game

awesome so far, but there's another bug with the help button. I accidentally press the help button and then the close tutorial button wouldn't work, rather, it wouldn't close the tutorial. Overall, very good game and I look forward to restarting it.

Good but...

One glitch. I missed the 2nd painting so i couldn't get to the end. So much for a fail-safe.

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Good game

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4.32 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2011
3:40 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click