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Friction Physics

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A unique physics based puzzle game where friction and gravity are at your disposal.

Instructions: Click on plank to turn friction on/off, click anywhere on screen background to turn gravity on/off. Without gravity its like outer space where everything floats! Yellow objects disappear when they collide with each other!

Walkthrough: http://www.coffingames.co m/walkthroughs/Friction-P hysics/
Play more games on: http://www.coffingames.co m and http://www.onlineartgames .com

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Good, but could be better

I agree mostly with apenguin09 here. You add a twist where you can turn off gravity and friction, etc, but you did give a bit too much control to the user. I like your idea, but to much control is given to the user, esp. with the green blocks. You should maybe have areas that don't allow clicking, or add more interesting things, like a timer, to the level.

At least it isn't new people who dump their crap onto the actual main page and not the dumping grounds.

I didn't actually do that, I just forgot to tell people I was new and had little experience.


As far as physics-based games go, it wasn't the worst, but it certainly wasn't the best either. The gameplay was relatively simple and easy to get, but nothing really kept me playing after the first few levels. One thing in particular that turned me off was gravity control. It's an interesting mechanic to be able to control it, but it felt a bit unfair that you had total control whenever you wanted. It would make more sense to, say, run into power-ups which would switch gravity on/off or even reverse gravity. Maybe there was and I just didn't play enough levels to see it, but the gameplay wasn't quite engaging enough to keep me playing.

I'd like to see a sequel to this with a few improvements, because I think you have a good idea here.

Also something kinda bugged me. The physics major in me couldn't help but realize that turning off gravity technically also turns off friction, since the frictional force is proportional to the weight of the object. Hence, if you turn off gravity, there's no force, and thus no friction. But that's really pedantic of me and it wouldn't make for a fun game.


The game wont start because Adblock wont allow "mochi ads" to load.

Because of this... Big. Fat. ZERO!

coffingames responds:

I am sorry if you were unable to play the game here because of adblock. You see game developers earn their bread and butter from ad revenues and so cant do away with it.

yea not bad

i like a good phsyics game and this is certanley a good phsyics game not great but good
things to improve on is the animation as it was pritty dull and didnt keep me intrested but game play was good
and if mbot deletes this review i will be forced to make parody of him suckin off a donkey