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The Floorsland 4

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Do not play this 2011 abomination unless you're genuinely curious about it. The original four Floorsland games are all horrible, but this one is the absolute worst. Its physics and gameplay are so changeable that the whole game is something that the Angry Video Game Nerd would review (think the Cheetahmen, but worse). If you want to play a better version of the game, try its remake in The Floorsland Reborn, which can be found at https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/698009.

For the record: none of the responses to the reviews reflect my present-day opinions or attitude. While blatantly inflammatory responses have been deleted, a lot of the remaining ones show little ability to respond adequately to positive or negative feedback and, like the game itself, have been kept for the purposes of archival.


Here we go! The fourth version is here! The Floorsland 4: King`s Challenge. I planned other things for the game, so this is why there are unused medals. Visit my profile for every medal that you can unlock! I added something different here. Newgrounds API Protection. If you try to upload your game on another site, everyone is gonna hate you. If you want the game on your site, contact me, so I will review it and add it to the approvement list.

1 Tip: The boss is called Boner. He is very weak. You will damage him if you touch him. Don`t bore to hit him on the head, because the bones will kill you.

Edit (12th April 2012): Fixed a HUGE memory leak with the Cheater! medal. In any versions prior to this one, you could get it by just getting Game Over! I can't believe I didn't notice that until now.
Edit (2017-01-03, 2017-07-24): The game has been tweaked to no longer include unlicensed third-party assets. This probably ruins the original feel of the game (and may or may not have been unnecessary) but guarantees that future titles in the Floorsland series don't suffer from a bad old game riddled with nonsensical design choices.

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Game's pretty dull.
- Graphics are terrible
- Hitboxes are strange
- There is NO SOUND other than the music.

On the plus side... at least MEDALS are working as intended
PS. Secret Box can only be gained after the game is completed (it's not the completion that counts...)

Don't throw "omg it was 2011" at me - anyone who checked that year would have seen so many great games and others with much effort. 1.5 stars is a fair score, all things considered.

I understand Nintendo is an absolute b*tch about us fans and our fan games, homebrews and stuff. For them, we are STEALING from them, even though many of us are active consumers of their products. Sadly, I can't disagree with you there. I don't think anyone would stop buying their games after seeing a sprite they own on a flash game.

I, however, do not consume any products from Nintendo anymore because this fan bashing is really disgusting. Fans support and get shut down notices for doing the extra mile. Shame on nintendo.

telinc1 responds:

OMG, it was 2011. Great games have always existed. They've existed in 1990, they've existed in 2011, but you're missing one thing - a game's quality doesn't depend on which year it was made, it depends on who made it.

As I've said countless times in the description, in 2011 I was not who I am today. I was an idiot, and idiots can't make good games. I agree with all of your other points, however. The graphics are bad for all my games, but this one is the worst offender because my paranoia made me strip it clean of Nintendo assets. The hitboxes are all rectangular (despite the complete lack of rectangular enemies), and that's true for every Floorsland game made in Flash (all but the latest). The music is also repetitive.

Out of the original four Floorslands, this one is the absolute worst, and 1.5 stars is probably too much for it. That's pretty much all I have to say, seeing as half of this review is about your hate for Nintendo.

It is alright, but I suggest a few things. Use your own sprites- the use of Dry Bones may make Nintendo angry- they have made Newgrounds remove submissions with their sprites. Also, make your own background. The game is laggy for me as well...

telinc1 responds:

I'm incredibly sorry for randomly responding literally a year later, but I want to leave a public note regarding what you said. As of today (2017-01-03), the game has been stripped of all Nintendo assets in order to avoid its removal and my potential banning (in my opinion, it's one of the worst Floorslands and I don't want it to ruin the entire series just because I was an idiot in 2011).
The only reason I'm responding is to avoid, for example, automatic bots flagging it.
Sorry for the notification, CGA-999. Please ignore this.

it lagg must so ity bhe 4 it be 5 if you can fix the lagg

telinc1 responds:

Now that is your computer's fault. It is not laggy at all for me.

I liked the third level.But I didn't like the Boss.He was too easy.

telinc1 responds:

Yeah, he is. I just couldn't think of a way to make him harder without making him too tedious.

what's the check point for...

telinc1 responds:

To start at the point you collected it if you fall of, duh...