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This is the first of several games produced as a 3 week "challenge" called Game Slam at Ninja Kiwi. The idea being that each team of 2 creates something original and complete inside the 3 weeks. This weeks game is Flur, by Chad Edwards and Derek Wu. In their words "Flur aims to be a progressive casual adventure with engaging and nonthreatening gameplay."

Enjoy the game and tell us what you think!



The lack of lives makes removes the stress from this game. Just chilled out glowing orb collection <:*D

Wish I could download this, I'd seriously go online less and would't be pissed off whenever my connection fails :)


This was a very calming game. The game was fun and didn't involve anything violent (unless you count the purple powerups violent). I loved this game plain and simple.

The power of this game is amazing

I'll admit it, I hate this game (before someone blows a gasket keep reading). It's too simple, the goal is basic but surprisingly difficult to attain, and the graphics were nothing to marvel at. Yet this game held my attention. I kept playing it. The achievements kept coming and I kept accomplishing them.

To me, this is the true mark of a great flash game. When even though my mind tells me I hate it, when I find myself disappointed at a game's initial presentation, and yet my behavior makes it obvious that I actually love it. When the technical aspects fail to matter because the design itself is so well executed. Well done, well done; I could play for hours. To anyone who thinks this game is boring or tedious, keep playing. You just might surprise yourself.

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Simple yet Addictive

My initial reaction was "........this is it? wtf?"

but from there it went to "did that red dot just kill me?.......oh, so if you take the green dots from around the red ones, they turn into green dots......oooh, I haven't seen that formation before......level up, cool.........OH MY GOD THAT THING IS MASSIVE. I WANT IT" and I was soon totally addicted

the only thing could ask for is maybe a chart that tells you which formation is which. The helix one was obvious, and so were a few others, but I would have liked to know which was which so I could actively go for achievements.

but still. very good

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Good game :) to spend time :) also cute and maybe you will find more humans who love it cause girls can like it too xD

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4.44 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2011
9:53 PM EDT
Skill - Collect
  • Daily 3rd Place August 9, 2011