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My First Flash : Sniper

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Author Comments

hi im New here ;D

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Could do better

The sounds were, for one, too loud, and the artwork was below bad; the instructions were not added and the only way you could play was by guessing that you had to click to shoot a bullet. That could be forgiven though; there was a "bug" that I found, which may not be a bug per se, but if you click any body part apart from the head, then the head will automatically be decapitated, even though you didn't "shoot" the head. Now, I don't know whether it was intentional or not, but that's generally not good. There was no music after a while; while I was writing this review the music abruptly stopped.


~~ Good points ~~
» Somewhat okay music
» Not totally horrible

~~ Neutral points ~~
» Music stops after a while (i.e. it doesn't loop)

~~ Bad points ~~
» Bad artwork (Stickmen? Really?)
» Bullet sound was too loud
» No instructions

Not bad for a first attempt, but since I don't think it is your first attempt, a 1/5, 2/10 from me.

Rukichimo responds:

i want adding
Start Menu
More Music
Level Selecting
Music/Effect Buttons
and more
and i fix some bugs

Not so bad for 1st flash

Just needs more levels and improved graphics in my opinion

not too bad, but don't use the new excuse...

It was not too bad for a first flash and all, but im going to rate it as if it wasn't your first, only fair,
nice sounds and all, but even for a stick sniper game the graphics weren't great, also the guy ontop of the building's body sorta just floats there...

good first attempt though, keep at it, it has potential

Rukichimo responds:

i want to Add some things in it
like a Start Menu with Level Select etc.
music/sound mute buttons
more levels etc etc etc.

too short

not bad but i think its too short
p.s.: are you from germany

Rukichimo responds:



We get that you are new... but you dont have to put it like "my first flash dont be so z harsh because im new here :D" that doesn't work's in here

Rukichimo responds:

i respect ur vote

Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2011
10:21 PM EDT

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