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Snowflake Jumper

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Move mouse left and right to move the snowman. Click left mouse button to jump and start the Christmas flight. During jump move mouse left and right to move the snowman and Catch as many snowflakes as you can!

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It doesn't have plot. That's fine, not all games need justification.
The graphics are pretty weak and the background just cuts to white after a while.
The gameplay seems to be a rip off of doodle jump-style games and not a particularly good one at that. The gameplay does not change at all, there is no ramping difficulty or different kinds of snowflakes.
The music is fine. A bit repetitive, but fine.

I think this game could be something good if you extended the background, added ramping difficulty, some variety, and above all, a GUI.

Give us some indicator of our current score during the game. Perhaps a height indicator as well. These would make the game more exciting and give more motivation to keep playing.

As it is, this game is not particularly good.


I'm not sure how to put this...Well, it is way too easy. boost the difficulty and mabye release around Christmas.

Did not like

IT's playable, just not fun.

i feel

i feel like i've played this before... but better

Possible endless game

If you make the snowflakes appear even below the snowman, the game can go on forever!

I managed to jump "out of bounds" because of the snowflakes below me kept me going, so there were a time where the blue of the sky slowly faded to white and stayed that way.

You could make the game stopped producing snowflakes below the snowman and this could be better... but not quite because there are a lot of games with the same "jump on X thing to keep going up" formula