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Thinking about her

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There is no real meaning behind this flash, I decided to animate my thoughts and this is the result.
I decided to make my own version of another video created by Lev titled ' I'm not going to think about her ' This is my own story, A little insight I suppose. There is no real meaning behind this flash, just something I decided to animate my thoughts. I didn't want people to think that I would be copying him if anything It is a parody and is a completely seperate to his videos. All art on this video has been drawn by myself, And sorry if my voice might put you off I'm not the greatest voice actor known to man haha. I know I haven't uploaded many videos at the moment but I plan on making a few more in the same style of this, depending on how popular this is. But to be honest I don't make videos just to please other people or else I think I might have been doing things that are a little more mainstream if I wanted to be popular. Anyway I hope you enjoy the following flash.

Oh and I am not trying to rip off Lev Read the description, It is a parody to his style and video. He owns the rights to his series. Read the description before you comment and rate.

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That age old tale of Man loves woman, woman takes a dump on man's chest, then woman spits in man's eye after she's done with man, woman finds another man's chest to shit on.

Sorry for your loss (over 2 years ago)

oh wow, that was cool, Beaver! Did you draw anything from your life to get that out like that, or are you just awesome with the imaginationings?

nice one, bra.

damn dats deep

Great work man. I totally understand, but way to depressing...... If she sees it it'll only depress her, making You represent that.. You shouldv'e done it in a happy voice, to make her smile. Girls want happy.

great movie, something everybody can relate to