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Basic HTML Tut (Part 1)

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Author Comments

Good HTML Tutorial telling you the basics, This Part1, Part 2 out soon.....
This is Part 1 and it covers the very Basics of HTML the next part will be intermediate and will cover things a bit more advanced, Please watch and RATE! We need to know if you like this if we should improve or change something for part 2- And We hope you learn Something from this and enjoy it!


Could use some work

You have a good concept on how to make simple web pages though. I remember taking a class on HTML for a whole semester going from easy stuff to just really complex and annoying things. One of the flaws here is too much info on each slide and you kept making the font smaller and smaller. Also changing font color is not a good idea. Should have tried to stick to one color for each slide at least. Since the background is black some nice font colors would have been white, blue, green, or pink.

The song of choice seemed to be alright and was not much of a distraction anyways. I guess I would have tried to find something more fitting like a soft jazz song so users don't feel so frustrated when they try stuff listed here anyways.

I notice the buttons were of varying sizes too. A better idea would have been to simply make one sample button and drag copies of it to each of the bottom corners so they are not varying sizes on each frame. Also a button behind the "Start>" would have been nice rather than making users have to click on any of the letters to go on.

As for what was put onto each slide a suggestion would be to keep the tutorial the same but spread the writing more evenly on pages so that it is not so small. I can just see some might have to get up close to monitor to read them anyways, like really close. Also I think a link leading to a site that allows users to test out html would have been nice as well.

Overall, could really use some work anyways.

CoreMediaTuts responds:

Yeah i thought so too, and yeah It was a bit too much on one slide and Im making a new one that is a bit easier to understand, and has littler on each page- Also I did do the buttons like you've said and how I see they are the same size except for the last button which is a start again button. And I'll probably use a larger file size since the font was getting smaller because the code didnt fit in one slide, so Ill make the canvas size bigger. Yeah and ive fixed the buttons now so they are all in the same place and you dont have to click on the letters. I posted this because I needed to see what people who needed tutorials wanted so Im changing this video to peoples preferences to see if I can make it better


We don't use anymore <i> and <b>. It's <em> and <bold>.
You never say to create a .html file xD
Where is the doctype?
You didn't close your body.
Hard to read.
You should put examples of result.
Your very first button is hard to click on.

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CoreMediaTuts responds:

Yeah like i've said its amatuerish and still rough and stuff, im making an improved version which i'll put up soon- Also html works fine without doctype but I guess i should put it in.

Simply too much information thrown at us at once.

The concept is nice, but the execution is flimsy.

As the title implies, there's simply too much information thrown at me at once for me to learn anything.

The amount of information not only leaves me going "duhh...what?" But also means you made the font size a bit small, I had to squint at some parts to try and make out what you were trying to say.

Could you try again, but try putting fewer things on each screen? You could also put in some examples, and perhaps an interactive "Now you try!" Type thing.

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CoreMediaTuts responds:

Yeah I know It looks a bit incomplete and amateurish :p- I have almost finished a much improved version of it, simpler, but with the same information- hopefully I'll put it up by tomorrow!

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2.58 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2011
3:10 AM EDT