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Everydevil - Episode 1

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First off let me just say Newgrounds is amazing. This is the first episode of our Flash Cartoon, Everydevil. It has done well on YouTube ( over 10,000 hits ) so we thought you NewGrounds peeps might just dig on it. This cartoon is overflowing with irony and political undertones, and is definitely not your typical web cartoon fodder. Thanks for reading and checking out the cartoon. If you feel so inclined you can visit us on the web as well. http://everydevil.com


Really Cool

I thought this thing is Bitchin!! Heady and funny, fast and subversive. I could totally see this being on Adult Swim. Reminds me some of Home Movies, the cartoon. Great Voice work, and the animation is totally original.

Hey Mordoz your stuff looks like warmed left-overs. Don't hate on those who do the do, mr. big teacher man!

errrr, you tried.

Well, first off youtube hits are merely people who visit that particular video. It is no indication of if they like it or not. Looks for the "likes"

Also just because people like something, doesn't mean its of quality or even good at all.

Instead a good way to see if your stuff is good is to compare to very popular cartoons on tv networks. Yes some crap is there too. but most of it is of some decent quality.

Unfortunately, yours isn't. It looks very much like the doodles of middle school students.

Also another thing is length is no indicator of quality. There will always be someone who complains of it being too short or too long. That's preference. Cant please everyone all the time.

Just like first impressions when meeting someone, you must show your best work. If this was your best work, you have much more improvements to go. But as with all first animations, quality usually improves as well as story and pacing. So im not all that concerned about it.

I tell my animation students to focus mostly on the pacing of the animation, the smoothness of the motions and the importance of writing a script (story) that actually makes sense to more than just themselves. Yours seems fact-paced, mostly voice driven with only the visuals following the voice instead of allowing the animation tell the story. There was no change of the speed, just plowing ahead into it without taking a breath.

All of this makes for a confusing and annoying experience.

For the flash presentation itself, you really need to include the bare basics like a start up screen and allow the movie to end with a replay button or back to main screen. This also adds to the first impression.

I will definitely keep an eye out for your work progression. As long as you don't quite and always aspire to always improve rather than doing "good enough" then I'm sure you'll gain a real following and not just hits.

1/5 3/10


The only real issue with this is the animation. I liked the art style, but it could flow a bit better than it does. But when it comes to sound quality and story i though it was fantastic. And the art style fit VERY well with this kind of tune. And i agree, this isn't your typical web cartoon.

Not too bad.

We'll start with the bad and work our way up. The story was a bit erratic, but I suppose that is to be expected from a first episode when you are trying to establish characters and motives. Also, whether or not it was intentional, the animation certainly needs work. The character designs weren't bad overall, but a little polish would make this a much better submission. The sound however, is great. Everything is crisp, clean and easy to understand. It's one of the driving forces that makes this so enjoyable. Overall, this isn't too bad, and I am looking forward to the second episode. The jokes were decent, the sound and voice acting were superb, you just need to work the kinks out in the animation.

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3.13 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2011
2:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Original