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Super Drift 3D

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Cherry Mountain
1. 0gamesmy1 00:00:46.32
2. crisloveaxel 00:01:04.60
3. Knuckstrike 00:01:05.25
4. fuckoffasshole 00:01:05.91
5. Narcissus 00:01:06.53
6. waccho 00:01:07.88
7. boodrift 00:01:07.94
8. SuperSapito 00:01:08.27
9. Alberto45 00:01:08.43
10. Whatevaperson 00:01:08.47
11. boratthe3 00:01:08.78
12. PhantasyReal 00:01:09.10
13. aliefaffendy 00:01:09.11
14. queenofbabes 00:01:09.20
15. Bombenhagel 00:01:09.22
16. OneThousandMeeps 00:01:09.32
17. PulseLane 00:01:09.48
18. Teach 00:01:09.66
19. Nijsse 00:01:09.96
20. rumblesushi 00:01:10.55

Author Comments

Hey guys,

We're proud to present Newgrounds with our first game, Super Drift 3D.

Running on our own 3D engine and physics engine, our mission was to create a proper 3D driving game, with console sized levels and proper 3D handling and physics.

We're huge fans of arcade racers, and we were mainly inspired by Ridge Racer, Daytona, Outrun 2, and Initial D.

For my fellow Flash devs interested in 3D game development, I'm currently in the process of doing a Super Drift 3D making of series, which should hopefully be very useful to some of you - all published on my blog here - http://rumblesushi3d.com/

Use the arrow keys to control the car.
Space to reset car.
C to change camera.

Hope you enjoy the game :)


Menu - Avex Trax / Trust / Ayumi Hamasaki

Cherry Mountain - Sugar & Spice / DJ Dougal and DJ Hixxy

Coastal City - Rainbow in the Sky / DJ Paul Elstak

Neon Good Times - Crowd Pleasures / DJSS


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I wish I can play the other games cause flash blocked them all....

Nice cars. I'm fans of all.

Awesome game all round, especially the soundtracks for each level.

it an easy game they said it has good graphics they said

A O Mazing!!!!!!!