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Super Drift 3D

rated 3.80 / 5 stars
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Sports - Racing

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Aug 5, 2011 | 11:11 AM EDT

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Cherry Mountain Bronze 5 Points Win the race on Cherry Mountain!
Cherry Mountain Silver 10 Points Complete Cherry Mountain in under 1 minute 20 seconds!
Coastal City Bronze 10 Points Win the race on Coastal City!
Coastal City Silver 10 Points Race through Coastal City in under 2 minutes 20 seconds!
Neon Good Times Bronze 10 Points Beat the race on Neon Good Times!
Neon Good Times Silver 50 Points Blaze through Neon Good Times in under 1:55!
Cherry Mountain Gold 100 Points Beat the insane time of 1:12 on Cherry Mountain!
Coastal City Gold 100 Points Beat the ridiculous time of 2:10 on Coastal City!
Neon Good Times Gold 100 Points Beat the extreme time of 1:50 on Neon Good Times!
Takumi Special Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

Hey guys,

We're proud to present Newgrounds with our first game, Super Drift 3D.

Running on our own 3D engine and physics engine, our mission was to create a proper 3D driving game, with console sized levels and proper 3D handling and physics.

We're huge fans of arcade racers, and we were mainly inspired by Ridge Racer, Daytona, Outrun 2, and Initial D.

For my fellow Flash devs interested in 3D game development, I'm currently in the process of doing a Super Drift 3D making of series, which should hopefully be very useful to some of you - all published on my blog here -

Use the arrow keys to control the car.
Space to reset car.
C to change camera.

Hope you enjoy the game :)


Menu - Avex Trax / Trust / Ayumi Hamasaki

Cherry Mountain - Sugar & Spice / DJ Dougal and DJ Hixxy

Coastal City - Rainbow in the Sky / DJ Paul Elstak

Neon Good Times - Crowd Pleasures / DJSS




Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Amazing graphics, but the game's more like a demo.

First of all, the graphics are amazing. I have never seen someone do 3D in Flash with this much detail. Seriously, there was no texture distortion or anything else that I've seen that was wrong with the graphics. I have never seen 3D in Flash with this level of detail. The most detail I've seen before this was that third-person shooter game, but that pales in comparison to this! No graphical glitches, barely any 2D sprites, and individual wheels on the cars as well? That's just awesome.

The music was great as well. How did you manage to fit Coastal City's song in there while still keeping the game 7.5 megs?

The game itself though? It... leaves something to be desired. First of all, the only track I really liked was Coastal City. Cherry Mountain reminded me of games like the Cruisin' series and early Need For Speed games, but it was still a very bland course.overall. Neon Good Times was just awful. Since both of the other courses were single lap, having a multilap course for the last level is just stupid, because the multilap nature made the course WAY too short.. The turns were too sharp, and that large drop/jump is really hard to do perfectly. Coastal city was awesome though. Just the right amount of fun, difficulty, and nostalgia.

The drift controls were bad as well. Counter-steering was nearly impossible. Also, the game would tell me "Wow! Great drift!" even when my "great drift" sent me straight into a wall (which was often).

This game is a technical feat, but all in all, it just feels like a proof of concept demo showing off Flash's true power. Now, a full-fledged game made with this would be amazing. Since you're nice enough to provide a tutorial on 3D Flash games, I think that if someone picked these graphics up, then it would be amazing.

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rumblesushi responds:

I'm glad you like Coastal City, that's our favourite track as well, and the most "arcadey" overall. I can't believe not one person has mentioned the glass overpass, that's one of the sections we like best :D

Surprisingly, among non arcade racer fans, Cherry Mountain seems to be more popular.

I disagree it's more like a demo though. We basically aimed to recreate a mid 90's arcade racer in Flash, and all those games like Daytona, Sega Rally, Scud Race etc had 3 courses and around 4 cars.

In the 6 months it took to develop, we could have easily made say 10 shorter, simpler tracks, and added upgrades etc, but that would have detracted from the arcade style experience.

Yeah, the "great drift" and "amazing drift" detection could be better, it's basically the drift duration and minimum MPH. For example you have to be going over 75mph and be drifting for at least 1.3 seconds for it to be a great drift, but I should have stopped the code from running if you hit a wall etc.

Regarding counter steering, you have to do it as early as possible to prevent the drift from losing control, which is often as soon as you start drifting, immediately counter steer.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

great game ^^

great game just fucking tired of the fucking adds slowing down the game


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Playing this throws me back in time to playing the Cruisin' games on N64. Its simply amazing. Its worth paying money to play.

The one thing that would make it perfect would be a multiplayer mode.

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rumblesushi responds:

Thanks a lot, and it was originally intended to be multiplayer, but too much dev time had gone into it already, and we just wanted to release it :)

I'll probably make our next driving game multiplayer, it would obviously add a huge amount of replayability and fun.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's fun, but...

Even after getting very good at this game, I loathe the drift mechanics of this game.

Why? Well first of all, I only played easy drift mode... but I could not control when I counter drift or when I stop drifting. Double tapping the reverse direction only seems to work half the time (and I'm press as fast as I'm capable). Especially on Cherry Mountain (where I cannot get that stupid gold medal... but easily did on the other 2 courses), I found it so annoying that I couldn't stop drifting .2 seconds early and just start another drift in the reverse direction until I was already too far into the next turn.

Plus, the drift physics... they're easily able to be abused. Maybe part of my reason for hating the drift physics is because you can just barely drift around a narrow bend and you will end up accelerating faster (and reaching a higher top speed) than you would normally be able to do. I don't know if this was intended or not... but even with this and the testarossa, I find it near impossible to beat the cherry mountain time.

Speaking of courses, why are the physics so odd when there's an uphill and downhill slope? Drifting seems far different on a hill compared to ground.

Also, Coastal city's... just not right. I'm reminded of stunts for DOS... which isn't a bad thing, but it seems like a really, really random track.

My favorite course is the Neon Good Times... just because the drifting and odd physics actually work for me instead of against me. (Well, except for the jumps down the hill).

There's not much else for me to really say... I mean, ideally, I would want the game to include upgrades and have a more refined driving experience, but stuff like that I feel is a given.

All my nitpicking aside, I did thoroughly enjoy the game. I'm glad to see an arcade racer fan making a game; it shows. Extra points for the 86's drift allowing it to speed up ridiculous amounts (assuming that's intentional).

I look forward to a sequel if any... now back to trying to get that gold Cherry Mountain medal.

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rumblesushi responds:

Thanks for the detailed review, I appreciate it. After some practice, I thoroughly recommend the expert drift mode, once you get used to the timing it makes the easy mode seem cumbersome. The easy mode was actually tacked on last minute, in an effort to make the game more accessible to gamers without much driving game experience.

One of the mistakes I made with this game was mainly testing it on people who have played Ridge Racer extensively (the way you initiate drifts is similar, plus the timing for counter steering). And the timing isn't exactly easy, just like early Ridge Racers like RR1/2 and Rage Racer - which does alienate some people.

Oh and yep, the extra speed boost from the AE86 is completely intentional, it allows you to get better times than the Ferrari on at least one of the tracks. If you notice, it starts producing some orange smoke, Mario Kart style to signify the boost ;)

The only thing you've listed that's NOT intentional is the different drifting feel uphill and downhill. It's a result of the physics, and the way gravity affects surface friction/grip etc. Next time I'll do the handling model very differently.

Coastal City was 100% inspired by early Ridge Racer tracks like RR1 and Rage Racer, which are random - as in they literally have a beach section, city section, and mountain section, which is what I love about them. Makes no sense, but it's part of the arcade fun.

I already have my next 3 games planned out, but I'll make another driving game next year, and I'll do it very differently. It'll be more accessible, have more cars to race against, better physics engine, slightly easier courses etc etc. Upgrades too, seeing as they're so popular.

Thanks again for the review, and a tip about drifting, you want to get the timing right so you just hold in the opposite direction to the drift, just enough that you're straightened up by the time you exit the bend. Steer in early-ish, and depending on how sharp the drift is, either don't steer at all, or start counter steering early enough that you belt out of the corner fairly straight. On some corners in Cherry Mountain, I hardly steer at all, the drift kind of takes care of the steering for you, I just make some minor adjustments.

Though having said all that, you're actually better than me on CC and NGT, I'm very surprised you've got those times on easy mode :)

Expert drifts are slightly faster too by the way, when you're trying to get the CM gold ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This game is truly the #1 best flash game in the world!!!! nice job! ;)

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rumblesushi responds:

Cheers :D