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Bored 50 Points

I destroyed 1000 asteroids... I have no life.

Author Comments

This is my attempt to make my portfolio more interesting than a simple site. I got inspiration from Solar 2 by Murudai. All graphics (except social network icons and site logos) made by me.

The concept was I make a small solar system with some planet and all planet shows some of my work. All planets = categories. I make flashes, web apps and I take photos wherever I go. So I made 3 planets for these. This was the basic plan.

Asteroids ans spaceship come after this, as fast idea. I felt like a mouse follower is perfect for ship controls, and asteroids always attack the sun. ITS NOT A GAME so please do not rate by that. Its just a little funny addition for the gadget (that is why I submit in that category).

All critiques (especially deep ones) are welcomed.

Social Icons: http://fav.me/d21dm5r


The gallery is fine, the 1,000 asteroid req for medal is not.

One star is enough - you literally proved that.

Eh, considering you need to hit *One Thousand!* you really should have made this save progress so it didn't need to be all in one sitting.

As-is requirements of hitting *One Thousand!* in one sitting. It's a bit much.

Honestly is there a reason you couldn't have made it just, say, 100 or 200 or something? I mean if you weren't going to save file it.

I like the way you're thinking but this kind of stuff should be private.

NEVER let people know what you are doing on the internet.

wtf just 50 points for destroing 1000!!!!!!!!! asteroids no no not good but a little fun this ??? game ???

Neat Idea

I would make it more game-like if I were you, and perhaps find some better graphics.

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2.78 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2011
10:14 AM EDT
Gadgets - Other