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It's time for Crank It Up, where mind meets mayhem in this trivia contest. 5 topics, chosen at random from a pool of 30, and you get to decide the difficulty of the question itself! Do you dare to go easy on yourself, or do you risk going for the big points, knowing one wrong answer can set you back by a ton? Your host, Shaft Gearbox, will lead you into this quizzical journey of wits and smarts. And when you screw up, he'll let you know. Big time.

Use the mouse for everything
Mute functions for Sound and Music are on the upper right corner.

**FIREFOX USERS** I've ran into a weird bug where clicking is laggy. It doesn't appear on any other browsers I've tested with, so your mileage may vary.


a notch !

i have no idea whatever question given to me, but this is awesome ^^, love the robotic sound and explanation given, wish i was smarter to know the answer....


Way to addicting XD. I love the robot voice though: Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. NO. XDDD

Good concept and game

The only thing that I think would make it better is randomly changing the positions of the answers. I played it on level 3 each time, and got awe-inspiring because the questions repeated, so I got maximum time bonus. Other than that, great game. And Gear Shaftbox is pretty funny too haha


I might be wrong but 1443 plus 39 is 1482 not 1492...

The questions...

At times, they make sense.
at other times they dont, but their awnsers do! and that is very creative in my eyes. Nice Job!

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Aug 4, 2011
7:03 PM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz