Splash Damage

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Addicted 5 Points

Come back 5 seperate times to play

Apprentice 5 Points

Get a score of 15,000

Big Air 5 Points

Jump to a really far away platform

Drop Bear 5 Points

Fall really far but don't die

Drop Pig 5 Points

Fall to your death

Just One of Those Days 5 Points

Get hit 5 times in 5 seconds

All About the Benjamins 10 Points

Play one round collecting only coins. Get three.

Journeyman 10 Points

Attain 25,000 points in one round

Expert 25 Points

Garner 50,000 points in one round

High Roller 25 Points

Gather 1,000,000 points in total

I Heart Me 25 Points

Climb 10,000 pixels without taking damage

Killer 25 Points

Vaporize 75 globs of goo on your forcefield

MEDIC!! 25 Points

Climb 7,500 pixels with the lowest amount of health possible

Taste the Rainbow 25 Points

Get hit by goo of every color in one round

Master 100 Points

Get one hundred THOUSAND points

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

You awake at the bottom of the unnecessarily large sentient-goo disposal chute. Your only way out is up.

Your objective in Splash Damage is to climb as high as you can and collect power-ups to stay alive, all while avoiding the goo-men that are raining down on your head. Be careful though, it gets harder as you climb...

Play and see how high you can get!

I originally intended Splash Damage to be developed during a 24 hour game jam, but because I wanted to add more features to it, I decided to work on it beyond the 24 hours. I hope you enjoy it!


Really addicting game.

A nice change from traditional "climb the tower" platformers, since slow progress is the way to go (there's no lava/acid/giant saw after you, even though there is still death for those who try and drop below after climbing).

Also: the game's slow pace kind of makes up for the randomness of the goo pipes. Planning ahead makes most of advanced pipes (they toss more at higher levels) avoidable.

Also, shields could last longer (I did like the fact that boosts also grant a small shield and that all shields show timer before wearing off).

Overall, a great game.

@Cosminel: No, score achievements don't work with SSQTCH mode(unlock it by clicking the green button under the ad)
Good platformer game, medals of score should be worth more(50k medals 50 pts. instead of 25)
Well made


I found this to be a great game but it like a few other jumping up platform games relies a lot on luck to try encouraging the player to keep going higher. I found that during some game play rounds that I would never once run into a health pack maybe more than once. In some cases I tended to get real lucky and get many power ups. During those rounds I tended to go up a lot faster as well.

The animation of this game is simply gray scale art and platforms that remind me of the lifts from Super Mario World that I used to play a lot when I was a lot younger.

The game play seemed to be simple which was jump up as far as possible whilst avoiding the green acid balls that reduce health. Along the way you can get bonus point balls, a super boost and some other power ups to help you go farther up in the game. Once you get level three and higher you have to start factoring in slippery platforms that require a bit of practice to land on without moving.

That and the acid ball shooters begin to appear more often making safety less and less of a factor and hoping to find a health pack more of a concern. However it is possible to go up very high without taking a single hit but it requires patience and the ability to wait for all the green acid balls to stop coming out for a moment so you can move up.

The music used was nice and helps you to calm down and relax as you jump up higher and higher just enjoying the feeling of sailing through the air like a eagle on a blimp. Really soothing and soft music though, did enjoy.

The medals are another nice aspect as they give you something to try and aim for as you get higher and higher in this simple game of luck. Some of the medals are hard to get while some are real easy to get which is good.

Overall, great game but mostly luck factored things. Fun time.

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My review (summary's suck)

This is a really great game.
It is addicting, (no problem getting that medal) although I think there should be some higher points given to some of these medals.
Now, I tried and tried and tried I could get neither the secret medal (what is it!?!) nor the 100 point medal for 100k points.
I could hardly get the 50k point medal (which definitely should be worth 50 points, considering how difficult it was to get).
For challenge, I give it an 8 for being too difficult.
The powerups, (twist) should last longer, not 3 seconds right from when you get them.
I am glad, however, that you gave a shield for when you boost because it would be a little unfair w/o one.


I have a question...if you play as SSQTCH the point's and achievement's unlocked with him still count???...like if you do 100.000 point's with him do you still get the medal???

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Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2011
5:12 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other