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Geometric Retro Shooter

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Move with WASD or arrowkeys. Shoot with Space and pause with p. Special attacks with 1, 2 and 3.

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Very Simple + Fun.
Good Job selectLOL.

Fun at first

As I started the game I could appreciate the simplicity of it and just have fun shooting stuff. But as it went on it just got boring, and I didn't know what I was doing. After a while I yearned for a purpose in the game, every time I killed a boss I just kind of thought,"What was that for?" And the difficulty of the game never increased with the addition of new enemies, it was just another thing to shoot little colorful triangles at. I never had to worry about my shields or health. The whole game I pretty much flew around running into enemies and wherever I wanted with reckless abandon.
I think a basic story, and maybe an end in sight could benefit the game. As well as an increase in difficulty.

It's fun and very simple

This game was fun and very simple. Game play was nice though using Internet explorer caused the movements to not respond as well and the music fit kind of nice so it gets a 9. The controls would get a 9 due to it being to responsive on Internet Explorer and being fine on Firefox though I did like the easy controls being W, A, S, or D or arrow key controls. Quality was fine having no or little to no lags with such simple graphics for a game so it has a 9. Story line doesn't really matter for games that get right into the action, but it does serve a purpose to why are you in a situation as to just playing the game. Basically, it means story line would attract more viewers and add motivation to play so it gets an 8 for a game that gets into it automatically though with no story line. Challenge would be a 7 because it becomes very easy as you upgrade your ship, has unexpected bosses, shields are easily healed in game and aren't damaged critically, and heals you after every wave. Also, nice easter egg special attack that destroys everything with constant waves of bullets. The game's addiction would be an 8 because it gets kind of monotonous as you carry on with tons of upgrades and easy enemies. Game length is a 10 because it is very long with many upgrades and bosses to look forward to. Your effort in this game is a 9 because of the few ships and the sameness as the game progresses. There was trouble with the ships because when together, it's hard to tell whether it's one ship or 3 in one area. Finally, fun is a 9 because 9 is a fun...thing. Overall, great game that is easy to master though it can get pretty dull as it carries on.


Story line-8
Game play-9
Game length-10

"This was a nice game with simple graphics and great music. However, it gets pretty insipid moving on" ~Shawn G.

Credits & Info

4.49 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2011
11:52 AM EDT