Internet Allstars 2011

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It's your FAVORITE Summer line-up of the most ADORABLE, MEMORABLE, and HILARIOUS characters and jokes on the internet! EVER!

Sit back and smile as we recap on pixel-pastry cats, ponies from the 80's, exploding green block-monsters (oops, spoiler alert!), and the "always-entertaining" shenanigans of Captain Falcon.

Enjoy, Newgrounds. ... enjoy ...

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I was expecting a "All Star" group of characters. kinda dissapointed. Great idea just need to add more Characters to it.

i thought this would be good...

but this was horrible, like really, you could have gone without the falcon punch and maybe added a rick roll or the greatest freakout ever, this way gay...

RicePirate responds:

If you thought it was gay and that the falcon punch was overused, then I did my job. My goal was to make Falcon Punch annoying, and it appears I have succeeded. So thanks.


There was no point to this. I thought this would be a video to showcase popular icons of 2011, depicting what is it that made them popular. Or even having short skits or stories with them. Instead, it was just Captain Falcon punching everything. He isn't even a 2011 icon, he's been around for years.

Nice art and animation, but lack of purpose and presentation made it suffer greatly.

RicePirate responds:

It's an anti-meme flash ... and inspired by the 5 Captain Falcon pawnch flashes of last month.


Captain Falcon, a two-year-old meme, falcon punches a bunch of new characters. And that's it? No relevant jokes, no nothing? Blah. Waste of talent.


This is stupid. I know, it sounds like I'm just being a flaming prick, but it's true. There is no comedic value to this movie. Even if you get the whole Captain Falcon thing or not. After his first appearance it was incredibly predictable what was going to happen next. I expected at least some content, but no, this is an empty piece of trash animation that doesn't even deserve to hold the name of a parody.

The definition of parody is a work designed to mock or trivialize somebody's original work. The only glimpse of that was the creeper bit, and that was 2 seconds. The rest is captain falcon doing nothing of interest. If I take a shit, and rub it on Sonic the Hedgehog's face, and take a picture of it, that isn't a parody.

That's me rubbing a piece of shit on Sonic's face. And this video isn't a parody, it's captain falcon punching memes.

Next time you make a parody, have a punchline, or at least a running gag that has comedic value. That's my 2 cents.

Plus, your ad's audio doesn't turn off when you click play, which carries over to the video itself, and the mute buttons on it don't work. I had to refresh my page about a dozen times to just view the video. Dunno if it's your fault or not so I'm not counting it as part of my review.... but just a heads up.

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Aug 4, 2011
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