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Animation Test #45

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Author Comments

I've heard people make progress with two steps forward and one step back.
But I think my progress works like, 3 steps forward then sit on my ass for a while.
I'm a seriously lazy animator, I don't get around to projects I know I should, ha..
Like I'm doing an animation based on demons possessing dolls and attacking each-other. Where is it? It should be DONE by now!
oh well, I'll work on it "some other time"

Until then, have some imaginary strawberry cake, you know you want some.... ha..
So like yeah, this animation is pretty good for the time I put into it, let me know what you think~!!

P.s.to newgrounds, This is from a series of tests that I regularly upload to DA. You have my apologies for the animation being super short and pretty much pointless. But if you like the quality, your reviews will not go unloved <3
The re-size feature may reduce play speed and quality as well.

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Really dig the style. And don't worry about it being a test. This is still a media format to see what people think. I've seen much worse from "finished" products on here.

I like it

I like the style and I would like to see more from you. But as everyone else said don't load tests. Can't wait to see a finished product.

i guess it was a little cool

but still like below don't upload tests to NG upload them to dumping grounds

Umm, no offence

Hey, this is a test right. plz don't put tests on Newgrouds, it really takes up space from the real stuff. But, you did an okay job on this, now with this make a real vid.

RawGreen responds:

I understood this much already. Sorry for the tease ;)

Definately keep this style

I wish to see more from you!