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Simple Tests

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Comedy - Original

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Aug 3, 2011 | 7:58 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is my entry for the 2011 Tournament of Flash Animators (TOFA) 3rd Round. We had 4 weeks to animate to the theme "Divide by Zero". While dividing by zero is literally in this animation, the way I interpreted the theme was how everyone reacted when I told them what it was. The conversation, every time I had it, went like this:

"So what's the theme for Round 3 of TOFA?"
"Divide by Zero"
"That's impossible!"

There you go! But more literally, I did research as to how this theme could be interpreted. Sure, there is the Internet Meme way where the world implodes or something, but I vowed that I would never do an internet meme (well, unless its something to do with Slenderman, because he is scary and awesome! But definitely not any of the "funny" internet memes) solely due to the fact that I don't find them funny and everyone does them. I like being an original.

So the ways I found I could do this theme varied. One way was the fact that Mathematician's consider dividing by zero "an expression that has no meaning", which I thought of a few dramatic ideas for (like Totaled 2), but none of them took off the ground.

Then I took it literally, inventing this Math World (inspired by Donald Duck in Math Land.) and had this Division Beast attacking a town, then a small, sheepish character who represented Zero stood against it and the beast inevitably killed itself because you cant divide by Zero. It was like a Children's cartoon, no strong violence, a nice sounding Narrator explaining the whole thing, a moral about actions speaking louder than words and all that jazz. Problem was I couldn't figure out a way to write it and even if I did I think it would have been 10 minutes long.

Then finally I came to the fact that dividing by zero is literally impossible (go ahead, try it on a calculator, when I did it on my phone's calculator it says "Invalid Operation".). So instead of doing the theme "Divide by Zero" I broadened it to "Impossible".

So there you have it! I really liked this animation due to the fact that I made it more about the visual, character acting portion than the verbal jokes and story. I definitely have 2 scenes from this that I am going to put into my demo reel. I also found it extremely fun drawing Bill Gully (or "Son" as he's referred to by the Boss. However, to clear up confusion, he is not actually his son or blood related in any way. Boss refers to everyone younger than him that's male that way.) in his DXi Human Testing Jumpsuit. I've always wanted to do something involving campy old Sci-Fi movies (much like Don Bluth's Space Ace.) and his suit kind of reminded me of that.

Otherwise, hope you enjoy it. If your curious about the making of a scene, please visit my Website and watch "Evolution of a Scene" in the Animation section. There you will find a breakdown of how I did the "Lick your Elbow" scene.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


You know he still made more then most people make in two weeks in the span of what seems like a day, so I don't know why he was so upset about.

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Anyone who's done fifth grade math would've seen what was going on right away.

Also, if anybody here was thinking these things were solvable (except for the phonebook thing), you're an undereducated n00b and you should go back to grade school as soon as possible.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well Done

Your animation continues to be wonderful and I can see in the small details like shading and shadowing that you are a great artist. The voice acting was well above average and the humour was intact. I got a decent laugh out of this, but the animation backs that up quite a bit. I hope you do well inthe Tournament of Flash Animators as I have continued to enjoy your incredible talent. I really admire your ability to make such wonderful work in the limited time you're given with the tournament.

My biggest problem with the flash is that the "divide by zero" joke is really overdone at this point. I realize the theme wasn't your decision, but that still brings the flash down even if you aren't at fault. The only other gripe I have is the background art being very plain and not up to par with the rest of the art. It's not a big problem and I understand you were a bit rushed for time, but it would definitely improve the quality of the flash.


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This was a triumph

Pretty cool idea, just had to write a comment about how it reminded me of the Aperture labs (from the portal games for those who have been under a rock) and all the testing they do with the boss only being heard over an intercom. Otherwise pretty good animation and voice work. Good luck


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good job

i hope u win