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WARNING: This animation is 30 MINUTES LONG. Be prepared for this.

That said, it is my personal belief that it is worth it.

A lonely, childlike moon keeps a diary of his depression, boredom, and recurring nightmares. His daily realities seem to be based on dream logic: clouds with bovine personalities, teeth with eyes and mailmen who fly in balloons. He writes about his very few friends, an invisible person, a pack of wolves, and a boy who lives in space on a garbage pile, protecting the earth from debris. The moon mopes along his 'horrible as usual' orbit, as the invisible one suffers with his own surreal identity crisis while desperately trying to reach out to the moon. Moon Diary is 7 days through the eyes of this gentle sky rock.

Based on characters and comics by Erin Tanner with animation by Curtis Randolph and Charlie Daugherty; Moon Diary (2010) creates a world with a simple, bright surface on an enigmatic, dark and maze-like core.

If you want "pause" and "chapter select," this animation is also up on YouTube. Just search for "Moon Diary" and scroll past all the Sailor Moon garbage. :)

Music by June Madrona. Check out the bicycle records store to buy June Madrona albums, or the Moon Diary DVD, which includes bonus content! http://bicyclerecords.com/store/


only one thing was missing,

a scene selection would have been nice just so I could watch it in parts, but I stuck around for the whole thing and it was very cool

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KibitzCo responds:

hahaha, well, you could buy the DVD, as it has a chapter selection menu!
(also, if you right click and press play during the any of the 7 days, it will skip to the next one. a little hack I use while reviewing it sometimes...)

It's Good.

I really like the picture of human life you paint in this flash; it was entertaining, true, and very emotional. I especially liked the story line of the invisible man.
But at some times the emotions of this flash seemed misdirected. I felt like some of the moon drama was manufactured- the scene with the moon stepping on the boy seemed completely phoned in- a fabricated source of sympathy.

The biggest flaw, however, was the voice actor of the moon. He did not enunciate, emphasize, or articulate his words. He was a pain to listen too- he sounded like an awkward teenager who had never voice acted before. As an actor and a voice actor, I must say that allowing this guy to play the moon was your biggest flaw.

Especially in juxtaposition to the invisible man and shadow voice actors, who were pretty much excellent.

For a half an hour film, listening to a hard to hear voice actor really takes a compounded toll.

Also, I'm not sure why the moon did what it did. As a character, its actions and emotional were largely chaotic and unexplained. He seemed like more of a handy foil / plot device.

Reeked of true emotional expression, however, which I loved.

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Oh I get it!

"The man in the moon"! This was amazingly done! The music and animation went very well together. The story line and creativity of characters were very nice.
Ok although I have to say that when I read your comment that it was thirty minutes long I was a little skeptical at first and the way you explained it it seemed like it was going to be depressing but once I began watching I couldn't stop. This very well put together. This was in fact one of the greatest flashes I've seen in a while! Thank you for this and really great job. (sorry this is so long). Oh and btw don't listen to everyone telling you how you should change this, I'm sure you did it for a good reason cuz its fine how it is.

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WOW...Just wow.

Inspirtional...Beautiful...Comical and Dramatic. The amount of time and effort that whent into this is unimaginable for me. Hard to believe something as creative, original and imaginative as this would turn up on Newgrounds.
Bravo good sir.

P.S I want one of those clouds that puke rainbow. Cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Cant wait too see more from you.

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utterly amazing

i agree with everyone else. the mood and emotion convyed was just unbelievable. Awesome job. Keep up the great work.

p.s. I have a new favourite flash animator :D

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