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Moon Diary

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Author Comments

WARNING: This animation is 30 MINUTES LONG. Be prepared for this.

That said, it is my personal belief that it is worth it.

A lonely, childlike moon keeps a diary of his depression, boredom, and recurring nightmares. His daily realities seem to be based on dream logic: clouds with bovine personalities, teeth with eyes and mailmen who fly in balloons. He writes about his very few friends, an invisible person, a pack of wolves, and a boy who lives in space on a garbage pile, protecting the earth from debris. The moon mopes along his 'horrible as usual' orbit, as the invisible one suffers with his own surreal identity crisis while desperately trying to reach out to the moon. Moon Diary is 7 days through the eyes of this gentle sky rock.

Based on characters and comics by Erin Tanner with animation by Curtis Randolph and Charlie Daugherty; Moon Diary (2010) creates a world with a simple, bright surface on an enigmatic, dark and maze-like core.

If you want "pause" and "chapter select," this animation is also up on YouTube. Just search for "Moon Diary" and scroll past all the Sailor Moon garbage. :)

Music by June Madrona. Check out the bicycle records store to buy June Madrona albums, or the Moon Diary DVD, which includes bonus content! http://bicyclerecords.com/store/



This is a great piece of work. The animations and story are pretty well done and the style leaves you in awe. This is a beautiful movie but if i were to make one suggestion, due solely to the length, it would be the addition of a few feature such as a menu with scene select feature. Another thing would be the ability to pause it but these are only minor gripes that dont really affect the story so you get a 10. Hope to see more of your works in the future.

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That was beautiful

Such a sad, touching piece. The voice acting could have been a little bit better, but other than that, it was phenomenal. I just wish the moon didn't have to die in the end T-T

I know that I'm not supposed to reference other reviews, but KKDudeIMcShmatz's analysis seemed spot on. Truly a great metaphor for our move away from our natural roots and towards the artificiality of modern times, and the harm it can cause.

its so beautiful

the very thing of it im well speechless the emotion the fear love hate happy sad all blended so well im sorry sir but not even words can can describe how it was i thank you for such brilliance it shall be a favorite and i hope you make it to the top


I loved every moment of this animation. :D

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damn, this is a quality of art i havn't seen for a while!

this sreams for analysis (so don't read the further if you don't want spoilers):

in my opinion this movie is a metaphor on the dark side of modernity, characterised by the two main protagonists: the moon and the invisible one.

the moon represents the wild side of the modern world we live in. he is a childish charachter who is as well fascinated as bored by the things he witnesses every day. he doesn't interact personally with anyone from the town (except of the postman) which shows his disconnection from those wo embrace modernity. but he does interact with the wolves which are part of the wilderness themselfes. while he is responsive to the individual needs of the wolves the only way he deals with ordinary humans is by unpersonal natural influence. in one scene this influence is his gravity which influences everybody's dreams. in another he plays with a ship and a wale which might be a metahpor on the way the real moon influences the tides of the seas. in a third scenes he kills a child by accident, something that can happen when people are unpreparedly confronted with the wilderness. the way he reacts to this killing (with twinges of conscience) underscores that there is some kind of balance in the way nature acts (catchword: evolution).
pieces of the moon - his teeth - which get in control of civilisation (so to say: modernity) are deformed and absorbed by it and are used for the purpose of even further modernisation. the moon doesn't like that just how nature sometimes reacts badly to human influence in real life.
in the end the moon is directly endangered by modernity as it visually grows on his body, just like a tumor does. it seems that the bird he allowed to live in him some way domesticated itself (which means turned toward modernity), and the way it replicated its modern self really threatens the moon. perhaps this is an allegory on the way human peoples turn their back on theier traditional way of life and by trying to reach the aims which are set to them by others destroy their natural environments. that the inhabtitants of the town seem to enjoy the sight would in this metaphor refers to the other peoples of the world who don't help those in need.

the other main protagonist is the invisible one.
just as the moon he can't interact with people personally. in his case that's because they dont recognise him. because of this he can't be a part of the town's society. as he isn't able to interact with other humans he escaped in some kind of isolated insanity. at first this shows just in the fact that he can see gruesome shadows everywhere. because he isn't part of society he can watch it from an outside perpective, so eventhough part of his crazy mind the shadows might represent the dangers inside human society which often are ignored and dismisssed as illusions. paradoxically, by stepping outside of "normality" and regular sanity he might be able to unterstand the society better than their members do. later he hallucinates being absorbed by a tv. trough this he enters a horrific state of mind which is more disconnected from reality than usual. he meets a schizophrenic image of a part of his mind which maybe includes some human urges he wanted to get rid of. at last he enters a condition of total isolation where he isn't even sure of his residual personality.
the moon is able to see the invisible one so they can interact directly. this shows that in his insanity the invisible one is nearer to wilderness than to civilisation.

in the end the invisible one reunites with his shadow/schizophrenic self. he seemingly cant bear that, disintegrates and becomes one with the moon/wilderness, this way saving the moon from falling into pieces.
they end up as an altered, static version of the moon which noo longer comes to earth but is stuck far away from it.
this propably points to the fact that many people like to treat nature and social disconnection as something far away from reality.

hopefully this isn't too confusing. could have done it better in german ,-).

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KibitzCo responds:

Dude, you are awesome. If I ever end up in Germany we should go drinking and analyze things :)

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4.42 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2011
6:18 PM EDT