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show reel ---2011---

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Author Comments

hi, i'm Daniel, and i have a show reel for you today. this nitpicked pile of mostly unfinished or unused animation, along with many completed portions of work i have made over the years, are assembled before you today, so that you may gander at my talents, if you see fit to allow me such a title as "talented".

any input will be greatly appreciated :D


Not bad

I think that there's one major issue with most show reels is that they portray stuff out of context. This one doesn't seem so hampered by it, which always helps the case.

There was an issue with detail, which I thought should have been addressed, mainly to show that if you're going to do lots of fine detail, you need to do it for everything in the picture, not just the character that you're animating at the time. Come to think of it, making everything else blur slightly out of focus, then plucking them back to sharp focus for the action and depositing them back out of focus when they're finished could make a nice comic-book style animation. Poseidon was the one where I saw this the most - the background looked crisp and the drawing actually took away from it. Perhaps it's a problem with using actual photos for your backgrounds?

The one with the guy on his console had two things I wanted to address - sharp focus on the background, softened and almost ruined focus, because of your additional detail in the foreground. We've covered that earlier, so onward. The controller looked particularly square. If you're animating with an eye for detail, you need to have a stab at making a PS3 or Xbox controller. Without, it just looks naff.

Having characters with speech is great, but showing lip-sync, without anything to sync to really doesn't show us anything. If you've got a piece of audio with lyrics, try to get them to sync with those in places, if you want to show off your talents.

[Review Request Club]

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Horsenwelles responds:

hehe about the controller... Jman was playing with a crappy PC controller, so... i kept it in context.

as for the staggering amount of lip sync sections, tbh, i didn't have much left from last year's reel added with all the content since, so i just worked with what i could muster.

thanks for a 5th "7" review in my long line of 7's :D

Pretty cool

Shows what few drawing styles you seem to have used anyways. Each one seems interesting as well. I think possibly the only bad thing is using music instead of trying to use the original audio that went with each segment. Kind of makes you a bit confused right when the guy has his mouth moving but he isn't saying anything.

The animation was interesting since it was segment pieces. Each one was pretty interesting. I liked the Tepig one and the other with the text flying everywhere on screen. They seemed interesting to me anyways and I did enjoy them. I think another think you could have done is in one of the corners you could have created the text and link linking to what that segment was from as well.

The choice of audio was interesting anyways, matched up with what most of the content was.

Overall, nice little real.

Review Request Club

Horsenwelles responds:

7 # 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and counting!!!

oh, and about linking to every single, solitary part....

well, some are youtube only bits, some are not uploaded anywhere, some are collabs, and some are finished, so it would be alot of work trying to get everything organized and defined in this 2 minutes visualfest.

so, thanks for a good, though odd suggested themed, review :D

As a show reel...

This shows a lot. However, what it does show isn't that much. The music chosen kind of fits, but not quite with some of the animations. I guess it's background though, so I won't take off for that.

The art could definitely use some work. At the very least, I think it could have some fine-tuning. While it's pretty cool, the art was kind of a turn-off for the whole thing. Made me like it a bit less. That could be improved fairly easily.

Now. The largest problem. It's totally random. I know it's a show reel. But even in the individual short bits, it looks random. Some VERY random, some kind of making sense. You have good ideas, and I definitely think some should be developed and show that you have skill, but they seem rough and random, which makes them seem less than what they are. Try polishing them up a bit in that category.

There, I think I covered things not already covered that I don't think are extremely necessary. But then, I also don't focus on graphics that much, and am not quite the best critic for that. I definitely enjoyed watching it, it made me laugh occasionally. (wish I could have heard what they were saying in the parts where the characters were talking...)

-Review Request Club-

Horsenwelles responds:

this year i attempted to avoid any clips i used last year, and that limited me to what i had. as for the randomness, i have done incredibly off-the-wall scripts that i was given (such as the heart one, the tool song, poseidon and the hamster, and the 3 second bits)

about 60% of everything i showed was from a collab hehe, so i cant be blamed for any inconsistent writing ;P

oh, and the art direction, yeah. i don't focus on the art as much as motion when i animate. but then again, you probably noticed.

thanks for the in-depth paragraphical review

Not bad

I\d actually say this is a pretty good show reel, and I\ll try to review it as a show reel instead of a standalone flash.

So, the most important part of a show reel is to show what you\re good for. I feel you get to show multiple sides of your skills in this piece. For one, you\ve been able to show some good character design and imagination. You\ve got some pretty clever scenes in here, with some humor, and you also show diversity in this.

Your graphics aren't the best, they're clearly hand-drawn (you know what I mean) and not necessarily refined too much. Coloring is a bit plane, but it's definitely not the worst I've seen, and you've got some shading in some of the pieces. Animations are pretty smooth.

The audio in the back is relaxing, which is all right, but this reel is highly random, and it's all made up of really short sequences. Maybe make some a bit longer, because it does sort of feel like you're not the kind of guy to take on a project that is long and lasts for multiple months.

Review Request Club

Horsenwelles responds:

thanks for your excellent opinion!

about the length of the pieces, yeah, i didn't have much to work with based on hundreds of snippets of animation, and i focus on physics/smoothness rather than art direction in animating, glad you noticed ;)

i also had to avoid things used in last year's reel, so i was limited there too. i don't know what i'm going to use next year.

It's nice, I guess

You kinda undersell yourself a bit. It's all a decent bit of work. Give or take, not perfect, and a lot of the artwork needs improvement, but all the same, it's OK.

Horsenwelles responds:

okey. if you haven't guessed, i'm not focusing on top-notch artwork in anything i'm doing. i focus on the points, the fluency, and the timing (which may or may not involve the fluency)

so, thanks anyway

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3.31 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2011
11:05 AM EDT
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