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show reel ---2011---

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hi, i'm Daniel, and i have a show reel for you today. this nitpicked pile of mostly unfinished or unused animation, along with many completed portions of work i have made over the years, are assembled before you today, so that you may gander at my talents, if you see fit to allow me such a title as "talented".

any input will be greatly appreciated :D

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your getting better with videos than ever.

Horsenwelles responds:

hehe why thankles

I'm sorry that we never finished that Zelda flash

i got distracted by other things and well. nobody was doing their part on the collab except you ofkourse :o plus I'm kinda over sprites flashes. Been making flashes on other sites :o and stuff. anywayz Awesome animations :o

Horsenwelles responds:

OH thanks my friend ^^ i've gotten good have i not

i stubbed my toe

im taking it out on you

Horsenwelles responds:

i stubbed your toe.... CONNOR LAVERY!!!!!!

and now the people know your TRUE itentititties

Continuing the streak of 7's...

It's not a bad reel.
The animation was well done, and the art was ok (some parts were much more detailed than others). Of course, this is a demo reel, so I won't take points off for it being unfinished.

Thanks to the other reviews, I'm sure you're aware that the main problem with this is that it's out of context, but I think it's worth repeating. Also, using lip-synced animations without fitting audio doesn't really show much of your talent.

Overall, this was a good demo of what you can do with flash, but it would be nice to understand what's happening.

Horsenwelles responds:

its meant to show my lip syncing talents as well as fluent animation. and thanks for the tips

Nice reel

A pretty good reel. But the problem is that most of this is out of context and without voice acting. I understand that those are unfinished or unused animations, so of course they look a bit... well, unfinished. ^^

But it would still be great to see some background information on the things you present here. Maybe you could add a menu where the viewer can select the different flash snippets and you can write down some background information on what the viewer is about to see.

{ Review Request Club }

Horsenwelles responds:

the ones with VA are mostly finished segments (words of wisdom: Jman, and QOTSA can both be found finished in my flash page), and it includes more collaboration bits.

and yeah, i could definitely tell viewers where the snippets came from, but it would make the flash seem a bit too long/cumbersome for a simple show reel with some of my better clips from 2009-now.

idk, man.

anyway, thanks for 7 #6!!!

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1.70 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2011
11:05 AM EDT
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