The Quest For Something

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This is my second game, the first being Herbert Perrywinkle. I have had a lot of fun doing this and the quality of the game is much better in my opinion. There are a few flaws here and there, few bugs here and there and some collision problems to be figured out on moving objects but hey... Enjoy.

I recommend you to look at the names of the levels, you never know...
Arrow keys to navigate, and that's about it.

The update has arrived! Added backgrounds for you all and fixed a few bugs. ;)
No more cheating!


how do u do lv5?

How to finish lvl 9?!

oObangzOo responds:

User interactive.
Interact with the level. ;)

Unresponsive Controls on Chrome

I also was unable to move from the first screen. Might be an error with certain browsers as it worked when I tried it on IE (I use Chrome). Make sure you test your work across all platforms to ensure full compatibility, and in the case this is not achievable, at least make it work for the actual browsers :P.

As for the game itself, first off I like the improvements to the artwork and the music is pretty good, but in the end it's just another average platformer. One obvious drawback is the lack of any premise to the game. I understand it's early work but a simple motivation to continue jumping through these levels would improve the overall quality, even just small snippets of text to outline what our goal is for instance.
At the least the levels should be more connected so it feels like the character is actually moving through a sequence of 'rooms' or levels. This could be achieved by making the next level start where the previous level finished, for example.

Also in regards to making the bottom of boxes/the ground detect collisions, couldn't that be achieved by placing a hitTest on the character's head?

The floating spikes didn't seem to kill me on level 7. Actually I don't know if they work at all, they didn't kill me in level 8 either.

All in all though, you've learned a lot in a pretty short period of time and to achieve this end product so quickly is certainly impressive. Now that you have the technical side covered for the most part, try expand the game creatively, adding more variety and flavour to make it really stand out. Nice work (:

oObangzOo responds:

Thanks Kenji, The story line is something that will be improved upon in future sequels and I have had a huge brainstrom with a few people on level design, and authentic platforming obstacles to implement into my games.
As for the hitTest, I actually did that... I used the exact same code for rounded surfaces as I did on straight surfaces though the flat surfaces seem not to work... Odd, I'll figure that out though.
As for those moving spikes, they are not tweened with code and therefore screw up with collision, they will not be tweened manually in my future games as it is just a bad habit to continue on something that does not work very well at all.
I understand where you mean it is just an average platformer, I am trying to use different features to make it unique in the second sequel though it will be a while before I release it as for the effort I will be putting into it plus I am doing a few other larger projects in the meantime, further delaying the production.
I am glad you scored it the way you did as it gave me reason on what to improve on, these flaws will not go uncorrected in future games.

bug :(

5/10 for music because the controls were not to responsive. especially at the start. it would not move at all.

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oObangzOo responds:

Are you serious?
Controls were not working, I don't think that's right, No one else has talked aobut it and from all my trials I've ad no troubles with the controls.
Though I'll give it another look for you.

bug :(

its a really good game exept on the first lvl I went right instead of left and I beat the game for some reason. anyways great game

oObangzOo responds:

That was supposed to happen my friend.

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3.19 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2011
6:19 AM EDT
Adventure - Other