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Together forever.

Author Comments

Walter is left alone, finds the happiness...
ATTENTION: The story of this game was invented, is not based on a true story!


Not wanting to be mean, but you should either make an alternate ending or take this out of the internet. Seriously, if someone that lost someone really close to them and is planning on committing suicide sees this they may just go ahead an do it.

I get your point, they got together in the afterlife, but did he really have to kill himself? He should instead have seen her ghost as he was about to jump and then turn back and cope with life until the day he died. They'd still be together in the end...

It's just that the message of your game ended up like "If you can't cope with your problems then just kill yourself".

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I liked this, im all for melancholy. however, as a gamer and a creater of games i have a few comments.

first, love the 8 bit look. music fitting and sad. but there is no replay value.

instead of making him jump why not just at the end have katys ghost appear and tell walter, live your life. we will see each other again but you must live.

maybe have an action button to interct with the other people and a few easter eggs.
again i do like this game. its a nice short sad story.

can it be alterd? have differnt endings? maybe see walter on his death bed after hes whole life and katy takes him to the next place and they are both young again?

oooooohhhhh,too sad,(criyinng myself):(

This might have been the worst piece of trash I've ever seen on any website ever.

Gameplay: You press the right button. How fun. When you make a game where the main point is the story and message, you don't get an excuse to just completely neglect the gameplay, unless you want to make a boring and bad game.

Music: The music would be decent if it didn't keep looping. It's not bad, but it's very bland and doesn't add anything to the game.

So, you obviously did very little with the gameplay and graphics so you could focus more on the story and message. Are they any good?

Story: The story is not only bland, but nonsensical! First of all, the characters have no personalities whatsoever. How am I supposed to feel for Walter if he hasn't done anything likeable? Why should I care for him? Second, what the crud is up with the old man? He dies for no reason. I get it's supposed to symbolize that Water has no future, but it still is completely random and nonsensical.

Message: This is the real reason I gave this a zero. This is extremely offensive to multiple people. Saying that If you kill yourself, everything will turn out great? That is not only offensive, but potentially dangerous as well. If a depressed person found this, and took it seriously, they will most likely kill themselves!

I don't mean to offend the creator of this game, this is all constructive criticism.

Made me tear up a little bit, very macabre, but at the same time beautiful. 5 stars.

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Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2011
5:25 AM EDT
Adventure - Other

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