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Together forever.

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Walter is left alone, finds the happiness...
ATTENTION: The story of this game was invented, is not based on a true story!

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This is awful. The colors are kind of crappy the animation is non existing , The message is fucking awful "when bad shit happens kills you'r self"? Really mate? This being an awful game is not what bothers me what bothers me is that there are only 3 parts to this game. Part one being the wife dying . Part 2 being the dumbass husband killing himself And part three are the awful scumbag friends being happy that he is dead.Just wow man. I could not have made a more shallow video game myself .And I'm like the most shallow person i know. So good job ya idiot :D. I really hope that you improve/'d later on cause this is awful

Wait this is a game

The message of the game:
If anything happens, kill yourself! :)

This game could've been better if there were more to the game itself. Perhaps some choices (like Walter doesn't kill himself, for example) could make the game more fleshed out. The gameplay only involved holding down the right arrow, and nothing more, which isn't necessarily bad. You can make a good visual novel with only simplistic game controls. But, this kind of story has been done time and time again. Also, the grammar in this was bad enough in my opinion that it ruined the atmosphere for me.

That said, I do think you can make a better game from this if you spent more time on it.

Okay, this is a kind of poor attempt at having a profound story. Like, it feels like "what's the point?" This is like if a highschooler tried to write an emotional story, it lacks meaning and depth and pretends to be more than it is. The story of this game is a man is sad because his lover died and then he kills himself. There's no weight to it and since it isn't trying to tell us anything it's sort of just a waste of time. It probably could have been stretched out for longer and gone more into the character but as it is I felt nothing from this game. The art, though inconsistent, is alright and the writing is hilariously bad.

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2.88 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2011
5:25 AM EDT
Adventure - Other

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