Vision by Proxy 2nd Ed.

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Learn to see the world from the eyes of others - sometimes it's the only way to make progress!

Vision by Proxy Second Edition is a fully authorized remake of a Georgia Tech student game, Vision by Proxy, previously shown at E3's IndieCade booth.

Stick around or skip the credits after completing the main game for bonus challenge levels.

Our team also made a brief video trailer available here: http://vimeo.com/26464925

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pretty nice....

u know something Listen2Reason?i don't know if u noticed that everytime u take a vision from a human exactly after that there is a popping sound.....i think that popping sound is the sound that a spherical object makes when it's removed from it's shallow and rightfull space!!sooo there you go....it was your disturbing news report......
to the game creator :pretty nice work but something in overall gave it a very childish atmosphere .....that was something that bugged me....
pretty unique idea that needs a little more variety included....it got kind of boring after stage 3....same visions same problems same solutions over and over.....

very good idea

i like the a lot :D, i hope there will be more work like this one :D
The is a bad point though, the alien eye nearly do nothing, try to find some use for it
Good work thanks :)

Very Fun

However, I would say that if you were to offer a bit of variety between levels, that would push this over the top. By that, I mean are we to suspect that in every dimension the little guy always encounters a little girl, a grandma and an architect? Different eyeballs with different perspectives would really pick this game up, in my personal opinion. But a valiant effort thus far.


i love how delusional everyone is.

I think the limit for originality in this type of spectrum is 5.
Wisdom, Nature, Peace, Selflessness, Talent
the alien, the gardener, architect, (insert new idea here), little girl
for the (insert new idea here) i'd suggest.. every object has subliminal political propaganda attached to it. For instance, you see a house, it looks like a mini-church with the words "holier than thou" written on it. You see grass, it has the words, "$20 in the pockets of a minority slave laborer" written on it. You see clouds, it says, "PLZ RAIN". You see a big building, it shows a bank with fangs and a picture of religious martyrs in chains or something.

This kind of framework for a game has enormous potential if the characters ever interact, thus altering each others judgments. Would be a lot of work, but could be better than games like grand theft auto, where a single perspective just gets carte blanche to be a tyrant.


It's well done...I'm just a little concerned about the "vision" thing. If you move near the Gardener, you can't help but think--Did I actually REMOVE her EYEBALL?

But given that the same characters appear in other levels, that's probably not the case. Still, it's kind of disturbing...

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3.59 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2011
11:30 PM EDT
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