Mega Miner

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Coal Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Coal

Digging Deep 5 Points

Reach a Depth of 300 Meters

Iron Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Iron

Silver Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Silver

Emerald Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Emeralds

Explorer 10 Points

Clear 5% of the Map

Gold Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Gold

Saphire Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Saphires

Under Pressure 10 Points

Reach a Depth of 600 Meters

Diamond Miner 25 Points

Mine 20 Diamonds

Rock Bottom 25 Points

Reach a Depth of 1000 Meters

Ruby Miner 25 Points

Mine 20 Rubies

Black Box 50 Points

Find the Source of the Signal

Giant Gems 50 Points

Find 10 Giant Gems

Lost King 50 Points

Find the Ancient Remains

Prospector 50 Points

Clear 10% of the Map

Treasure! 50 Points

Find all the Treasure

Excavator 100 Points

Clear 25% of the Map

Author Comments

Enjoy! :).


Nice but not GREAT!

Can get to be pretty boring after a while of the same stuff but its time-consuming and addictive. I just wished there was more excitement to this game. For example, the driller encounters a few creatures or etc.

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Nice try, but....

Well , nice game, plenty of work went into it for sure. But...
It's just like the game Motherload. Same setup - fuel station, materials selling station , upgrades, save point. Minerals, blah blah blah. Except no physics system.

If you are inspired by the game, at least you have to say so.
Anyways, nice try, but next time if you like something, make it a bit more unique and original.

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oh boy

the smell of lack of creativity in the morning

I won't give this a 'bad' score...

For being like Motherload. However, I can't shake the feeling some things were either copied-directly/inspired from Motherload. (Namely the drill upgrades, a few of the items, and the rocks) Either way, there's good and bad emanating from this.

Let's start with the good:
-Ability to go/drill in any direction, due to lack of gravity.
-Upgrades, to reward efficiency in gathering resources and to help gather even more.
-Realistic feel to it, having to keep an eye on several gauges.
-Temperature was a wonderful touch, especially comparing it to Motherload, since all the radiators were really for was reducing lava damage, which is completely avoidable altogether.
-With temperature, radiators are useful.
-Missions; both for rewarding you for doing certain tasks and the little comments a few had.

Now for the bad; keep in mind, I haven't completely finished the game, because I can't stand the bad:
-Health is useless; therefore, upgrading the chassis (or w/e it's called) is a waste of money. As far as I'm concerned, the only way to damage yourself is via going to deep, and even then...Radiators and common sense prove viable. Which leads to...
-Lack of gravity. This, in my opinion, is what makes Motherload a much better game than this one. Why? Because it provided more challenge and depth into the game, making you act cautiously when dive-bombing through tunnels you've made, forcing you to keep track of the paths you make. You hardly have to keep track of where you go in this game.
-Lack of story. Why am I digging? What's my purpose? Is it for fame and fortune? To feed my wife and children? Answering one of these gives the game so much more depth. I'll admit, the missions and item/upgrade descriptions give some depth/personality to the game, but that's about it.
-Random music when I buy something? It might just be me, but the music shuts down while I'm digging, but then re-activates as soon as I buy an item/upgrade. Glitch? If not, you might want to fine tune that. Either keep it mute or with music all the way.
-The warnings got annoying. At least for full load. Once or twice is enough for me, but having to hear it all the way as I go up a few hundred miles upwards is quite enough.
-Upgrades cost a bit too much. Once I needed to upgrade my radiators to move further downwards, I ended up needing to upgrade my fuel tank..forcing me to harvest more resources around the same vicinity, getting me no further than I was despite spending a good sum for that other upgrade I needed.
-Too many rocks. Sure, there's no gravity, but the rocks only made it annoying at times, forcing me to drill a maze to get around them, only to drill another one soon after. Sure, there's dynamite, but I'm saving my money for upgrades, sadly.
-If this was copied/inspired from Motherload, why no Engine upgrade? (Mostly put that there to probably defend the author that he/she wasn't even aware of Motherload) It feels awfully bland to watch yourself go down for a few minutes, only to go back up for a few minutes and repeat the cycle.

I'm sorry this is a huge review, but point is, there's a lot to fix up. I enjoyed this game for a little while, but the bad far outdoes the good. Nice effort into it though. ^_^ 6/10 3/5

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16-bit Motherload??

Runs good and great graphics, but isn't this very similar to MotherLoad?

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2011
3:43 PM EDT
Action - Other