Mega Miner

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Coal Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Coal

Digging Deep 5 Points

Reach a Depth of 300 Meters

Iron Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Iron

Silver Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Silver

Emerald Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Emeralds

Explorer 10 Points

Clear 5% of the Map

Gold Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Gold

Saphire Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Saphires

Under Pressure 10 Points

Reach a Depth of 600 Meters

Diamond Miner 25 Points

Mine 20 Diamonds

Rock Bottom 25 Points

Reach a Depth of 1000 Meters

Ruby Miner 25 Points

Mine 20 Rubies

Black Box 50 Points

Find the Source of the Signal

Giant Gems 50 Points

Find 10 Giant Gems

Lost King 50 Points

Find the Ancient Remains

Prospector 50 Points

Clear 10% of the Map

Treasure! 50 Points

Find all the Treasure

Excavator 100 Points

Clear 25% of the Map

Author Comments

Enjoy! :).


Motherload 1-B

This is so similar to Motherload it makes me wonder why someone would try to pass it off as their own game. Plus, the upgrades are so minimal that it doesn't create a deep enough game. The only difference I can see are the following:
Sonar Pulse - Nice to have in this game but unnecessary in Motherload since there is no shroud.
Achievement Board - Motherload gives you bonus points for digging to certain depths but there is no progress board for it.
Fuel Consumption - Why do I use up fuel when I'm traveling down a tunnel I already drilled? a.k.a - where's the gravity assist?

Not enough original content. Knocks off Motherload way too much. 2/5 - 3/10

it's a good game,similar to motherload

but i'm not going to be an ass about that,the teleporter is a good buy it saves fuel and maximizes the amount of mining you can do with the starter pack of upgrades(the ones you get when you start before you upgrade) very time consuming,entertaining and over all fun.5/5 10 stars.enough said it's a good time playing when you've got a boring day.

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To the people saying this is just motherload

This game is better then motherload, just because someone takes an idea and tries to make it better does not make it stolen. Although this game is much better, both are quite boring to me. If it was more round based, with a shop in between it might be more interesting, but it's just an endless grind otherwise and I dread grinds.

Cheap version of Motherload! Play that instead!

There isn't much to say about this specific game, because it's exactly like Motherload! And I don't mean "It just has similar gameplay buttons" or "The story is familiar", I mean the visuals, the concept and the appearance of everything IS Motherload.

Make a game that isn't such an obvious knock-off next time.

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i like it

I've played motherload and i enjoyed the difficulty and unique style that it brings to the table of making u make decisions and living with the consiquences of those decisions.

But no matter the simularities between the two they are in fact two seperate games and each brings different attributes to the table.

I really enjoyed this game bery much. But lets start off with the few things i didnt.
1)At first the digging speed really wasnt an issue until u made it to deeper depths then it just sucked waiting top get to the depth u get more ore.
2) The large leeps between upgrades but this could simply be fixed with a simply speed boost or something tocopllect ore faster.
3)storyline: if you could even say there was one. why are we here diging for ore? and end of story?
4)lack of no looping music... not that big of an issue cuz i put my only playlist in the background.
Things i liked!!!
1)The simple controls and how i could control the entire game without using a mouse
2)The music went well with the game
3)The U.I. was very nice but could be downsized
4)the map window loved cuz just cuz some of the ore was blacked out on the gam screen if using the map u can see ore behind it to a degree. (possiby a glitch)
5)I love the old "16bit" style games not sure wat this is in but being 8 or 16 or even 32 still enjoyed it very much.
6)The save option for the junkies like me who want to get every last piece of ore
7) the items were really nice touch. didnt use the TNT but once to see what it did besides blow up, sonar came in handy but eventually stoped using it after about 5 times. teleport was awesome but eliminated the use for upgradeing fuel tank as a priority. repair part was always cheeper once around depth of say 400+. and once using the teleport device there wasnt a need to use the extra fuel.
8)depth metter was a plus and good idea to help track the depth missions

Dont want to keep rambling on so i'll end it my review. Thanks for another nice repeat style game. To bad ppl are ripping u apart do to the motherload title. To me it would be the same as tearing down MW3 for being like BattleField.

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2011
3:43 PM EDT
Action - Other