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Mega Miner

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Coal Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Coal

Digging Deep 5 Points

Reach a Depth of 300 Meters

Iron Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Iron

Silver Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Silver

Emerald Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Emeralds

Explorer 10 Points

Clear 5% of the Map

Gold Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Gold

Saphire Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Saphires

Under Pressure 10 Points

Reach a Depth of 600 Meters

Diamond Miner 25 Points

Mine 20 Diamonds

Rock Bottom 25 Points

Reach a Depth of 1000 Meters

Ruby Miner 25 Points

Mine 20 Rubies

Black Box 50 Points

Find the Source of the Signal

Giant Gems 50 Points

Find 10 Giant Gems

Lost King 50 Points

Find the Ancient Remains

Prospector 50 Points

Clear 10% of the Map

Treasure! 50 Points

Find all the Treasure

Excavator 100 Points

Clear 25% of the Map

Author Comments

Enjoy! :).

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One of my most favored games of all time. Absolutely love it.

Very fun game once you get some upgrades going. The engame farming might be tedious, but for me it was really fun digging down to unseen places and getting surprised by treasure or big gems. The highest upgrades are kinda pointless at some point though, not even worth upgrading them all to max, because you don't need to anyways. (I only maxed drill, to get the last treasures without using dynamite)

As others said, it would be fun if there is a different ending, or in fact, an end at all. After collecting all the treasure and medals, it's just kinda over. You could do something with the black box for example.

In the game its said to contain mysterious things for scientists to discover and research about, maybe you could build such a research center with money, or upgrade a scientist where you can fund its research to unlock some kinda ending. Maybe like after you finished researching the black box, it contains a hidden entrance to some kind of portal, or maybe you can even exceed the lower ground limit to find like a huge alien ship or dinosaur or something.

Other than that, I really enjoyed playing through this game and spending countless hours on it =)

Pretty fun. I didn't complete it entirely last time I played, but on my return I decided to get the remaining medals. I might have preferred a more formal ending than is in the game. I don't think there's much else to do at this point, I've found and mined every special item and revealed ~99% of the map.

It's like minecraft but you play with drills!

Great game. Fun and relaxing after a long day.