Mega Miner

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Coal Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Coal

Digging Deep 5 Points

Reach a Depth of 300 Meters

Iron Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Iron

Silver Miner 5 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Silver

Emerald Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Emeralds

Explorer 10 Points

Clear 5% of the Map

Gold Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Pieces of Gold

Saphire Miner 10 Points

Mine 20 Saphires

Under Pressure 10 Points

Reach a Depth of 600 Meters

Diamond Miner 25 Points

Mine 20 Diamonds

Rock Bottom 25 Points

Reach a Depth of 1000 Meters

Ruby Miner 25 Points

Mine 20 Rubies

Black Box 50 Points

Find the Source of the Signal

Giant Gems 50 Points

Find 10 Giant Gems

Lost King 50 Points

Find the Ancient Remains

Prospector 50 Points

Clear 10% of the Map

Treasure! 50 Points

Find all the Treasure

Excavator 100 Points

Clear 25% of the Map

Author Comments

Enjoy! :).


I always wind up coming back to this game, and honestly, seeing the guy say this is a copy of a game that was released after it, made me want to rate it.

the game was a bit fun, but it's just copy 0f Utopian Mining so you lose 3 stars for that
-═══════ι▬▬ ▬▬ι═══════ﺤ

super awesome game love it playing it for hours !

This game kept me busy for hours and I've played it many times. the perfect time killer game. I love it. I would make it a more upgrade game but thats me and you did well already.. make a sequel It would be great

Somehow got everything, but didn't get the Lost King medal. Oh well.
Fun and simple mining game though, kept me occupied for long enough.

A few things to note:
* Having items screen open while in the shop seems to bug out the menus.
* At some point. its cheaper to just repair yourself using repair kits($500 x2 = $1000) rather than visit the mechanic as it'd cost upward of $1500. And for some reason, the displayed repair price doesn't match the number that floats up. I'm not sure which number is wrong.
* That said, chassis(armor) upgrade is pointless until endgame since you'd rarely need to drill through stone until you're way deep.
* Prioritize getting the storage & cooler upgrades along with drill. Also, you'd want to get a teleporter; it'd save way more cash than trying to go back up to refuel each time. Despite the description, its not 1-time use; you can teleport as many times as you want, but its always in the last place you consumed the teleport ITEM.
* Apparently dynamite can't hurt yourself, but I only tested this when I'm already wearing the best armor available.

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4.13 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2011
3:43 PM EDT
Action - Other