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Master of Mosaics

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INSTRUCTIONS : Click and hold when you think you've found a rotational centre, then move the mouse to rotate the mosaic around. When the rotated pattern patches the mosaic, pause for a second to identify the symmetry.

You can also use keyboard arrows to move the spot; press the spacebar when you're on a rotational centre, then use the arrow keys to rotate.


Unlock the fabled Fyodorov family vault with its 16 symmetrical mosaic locks! Can you reveal the secrets of The Code and become the Master of Mosaics!

Master of Mosaics is the third of four games for the new BBC Two series The Code - about maths in the world around us, presented by Marcus du Sautoy.

It's also a treasure hunt - we've hidden a valuable and unique treasure somewhere in the UK, and the clues to find it are within the show itself, in Lost-style symbols and messages, in online games, puzzles, and real-world challenges. There's even a clue in this game! Can you crack The Code?

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wanted to play "grandmaster of mosaics" AGAIN after many months but the bbc site is not even allowing to play "master of mosaics" game...n im surprised to find this here on NG

Gets easier and easier

Once you can wrap your head around the mathematical patterns that this game wants to show you, this game is cake. Half the time, I was waiting for the animation to finish so I can go to the next level.

If i were to look at this as a game, and not educational material, this wouldn't get the best score in the world. The difficulty curve is just not right to pass off as a game.

I also don't understand. What am I supposed to do with this password the game gives me? It's not like it's a password to a super secret gold mine or anything is it? I'm also from Washington state, so I'm pretty much fcuked. If its use is exclusive to the UK, what use is it? It's putting so much focus and putting so much value on what's probably a worthless password.



nice idea bad gaming

its a nice idea the one that you had here, but it's freakin desperate to find the freakin' centres dude!

cool game

first i didnt understand,but now its cool

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3.62 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2011
7:35 AM EDT