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Shads Experimental-Scraps

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Every once in a while, you may draw certain things you are not exactly sure about.
What is good and what is bad you sometimes just dont know.
You Start to experiment in order to find the thing you where searching for, you try out things you may have never tried before.
You must find your borders in order to surpass them. In this ScrapBook flash, I have included alot of never shown before drawings from my more experimental phases. Old and newer ones.

IF THE FLASH APPEARS TO SMALL: Press the resize button on the top right

"M" for muting the music
Arrow Keys "left" and "right" to navigate
Arrow Keys "up" and "down" to navigate 10 pages.

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that librarian please :3

Shad you sick bastard. 5/5

some of the best things I've seen in a while, weird thing I noticed some of your work, a couple of em look like they where inspired by (cyber six. a sort of murky animated cartoon involving some chick dressed in some sort of black combat latex and has a brother who's brain is trapped inside a panthers body due to falling off a cliff and surgery due to mad scientists who all along the plot of the show create mutant beasts to destroy the world or some shit like that kinda pussy like looking back on it now but yeah.) (ramble) anyways the soundtracks great. I thought the one where the guy staring at the glass while holding a cig - and the scene showing some sort of Japanese area with what looks like a prostitute with a guy hiding behind her were cyber six inspired. over all this is going in my favorites to look at later. some of the other shit was pretty metal so I guess like all the other regular jack offs below I'm gonna give it 5 stars.

i like the torso impaled on a pike is is the sexiest thing there