Yasamaru Earth

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its a blue planet I did with someone else its funny 'cause it looks like google earth my friend Raesen helped me a lot


Not bad. I've tried doing something like that but it failed so I dropped it.

I would suggest mapping it to a sphere and sticking that in there. It'd probably get better results.
Or you could set the image to do an infinite loop using code or something (no idea how to do that.)
Could use colors. Well, more than 3 I mean. Like green! Earth likes green! You don't want to make Earth sad, do you? He'll end up depressed! Just like Pluto! And we CAN'T have THAT!!

Earth: :(

ok ok ok but not good

i have see better things dude, but its very nice to kill 1 min. xD

And i dont understand why the earth are white and some countrys like Germany or a part of africa are blue.

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im guessing that this might be your first work, keep at it.
and don't waste server space.


What's the point? It's an interesting idea, but there is a glitch. When you rotate the earth again and again, it eventually turns white. I don't get it. >:(

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Aug 2, 2011
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