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Xany's Journey -Chapter1

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Author Comments

Behold! This is the first chapter of an adventure/exploration game I co-made, related to a spiffy webcomic called Edemia World -> http://edemiaworld.com

As an elven ranger of Sylvanos, Xanaphia must reach Grok's Berry farm to retrieve precious healing berries. That means she has a long path ahead of her... starting right now with a huge forest. Help her find, climb and stomp her way to the caves!

Our plan is to fund next chapters through donations so if you like what you see, feel super free to click the in-game Donate button! You'll get two wallpapers for any amount donated : )

François Perrin [edemiaworld.com] : Edemia World's co-author, graphics and level design
Alexandre Morin [a-l-x.deviantart.com] : Music
Marc-André Toupin (myself) [reptangle.blogspot.com]: Coding and sound effects

Made using flixel 2.43 [flixel.org]
and the font Pixel Berry by zero8. Huge thanks to their respective creators.

12-08-11 IMPORTANT PATCH !! (v 1.02)
(It will be applied as soon as the staff approves the swf, sorry for the delay)
In response to your feedback:
- You don't lose berries anymore when hit.
- However you need to finish the level with all 36 berries (and not only 20) to complete that side quest.
- I've reduced the squirrel accorns knockback strength significantly, and reduced the ladybug's knockback slightly too.

This is a quick fix for now, as I'll be hidden in the woods for a few days.
Thanks for all the input and uber thanks for the front page feature!


Nice game with good physics and graphics!

I couldn't manage to find the last berry, but if anyone is interested, you can see a walkthrough on youtube with the searchtags xany journey chapter. Don't want to link the vids, cause i don't know if its ok.

By the way, the graphics were nice and the gameplay nearly perfect. The game was quite challenging at some parts and there was a berry with ninja skills that i couldn't manage to find ;) I'm looking forward for chapter 2.

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Amazing game, and comic for that matter

I loved the SNES feel to the game. People complaining about lack of incentive obviously haven't finished either quest, though to be fair that potion of animal husbandry was damn hard to find.

A pretty easy solution though, to people complaining about that would be to add in medals so there would be an obvious incentive from the start, also if you could make the rewards go through to the next game in some form or manner, like a password or something

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fun game, but after about 20 minutes of scaling walls and searching around aimlessly for apples.. i found myself wondering, "why am i collecting berries" and "why am i wandering in circles around this map figuring out what to do next?" And last but not least "why the heck can i not take this goblin screamer out of my inventory" i swear every time id go to jump id hit the X button and have to hear that noise.. A bit of plot would be nice for this, as well as a few hints. but its not too bad

Solid mechanics, solid graphics, incentive lacking

First off, I want to commend you on your coding and presentation. The controls were tight and intuitive, and the movement was sleek and precise. I always felt completely in control, and I never once missed a jump that I thought I could make. Everything was professionally presented, and I could find no glitches to speak of (because you fixed many of them, apparently). The graphics were great, too, and the music was charming, but the game itself was stunningly same-y and repetitive.

At no point did I feel any sort of incentive to keep going. Of course, I went on because I wanted to finish the game, but at times I just lost interest. There's hardly any story to speak of, and the design wasn't really guiding me down any sort of path. If anything, this game could benefit from some sort of stronger incentive to progress. One thing that helps with reduction of boredom in an exploration platformer such as this is a variety in environments. Part of the reason I had no real drive to go to different areas was because they all looked the same. Games like Knytt, Metroid and Castlevania are split into very distinct locations that help give the player more of an interest in looking around to find new places. Even a game like "Level Up!' has a greatly varied landscape that encourages exploration. Variety is definitely something this game needs.

Apart from that particular piece of critique, there's really nothing more to say. You have a solid foundation, but the design gets old after a while, and you aren't really giving players a "carrot-on-the-stick" to encourage progression.

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The game will not blow your mind, but it ticks the boxes and there is some neat humour. I particularly like how you can trick the one horned bull to run of the ledge.

The game becomes better the longer you stick with it, for example you get the fun ability to punch walls and monsters quite late.

It was extremely frustrating when one lost berries al the time, this has ben fixed and made it a better experience.

The game convinced me to read the comic, which was a good read.

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Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2011
10:49 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle