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Xany's Journey -Chapter1

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Author Comments

Behold! This is the first chapter of an adventure/exploration game I co-made, related to a spiffy webcomic called Edemia World -> http://edemiaworld.com

As an elven ranger of Sylvanos, Xanaphia must reach Grok's Berry farm to retrieve precious healing berries. That means she has a long path ahead of her... starting right now with a huge forest. Help her find, climb and stomp her way to the caves!

Our plan is to fund next chapters through donations so if you like what you see, feel super free to click the in-game Donate button! You'll get two wallpapers for any amount donated : )

François Perrin [edemiaworld.com] : Edemia World's co-author, graphics and level design
Alexandre Morin [a-l-x.deviantart.com] : Music
Marc-André Toupin (myself) [reptangle.blogspot.com]: Coding and sound effects

Made using flixel 2.43 [flixel.org]
and the font Pixel Berry by zero8. Huge thanks to their respective creators.

12-08-11 IMPORTANT PATCH !! (v 1.02)
(It will be applied as soon as the staff approves the swf, sorry for the delay)
In response to your feedback:
- You don't lose berries anymore when hit.
- However you need to finish the level with all 36 berries (and not only 20) to complete that side quest.
- I've reduced the squirrel accorns knockback strength significantly, and reduced the ladybug's knockback slightly too.

This is a quick fix for now, as I'll be hidden in the woods for a few days.
Thanks for all the input and uber thanks for the front page feature!

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I liked Chapter 1!
When will be out Chapter 2?

Excellent art, sound and movement, good game for relaxing after a hard day of work. Just... not thaaat challenging.

Well, it has a good design

Beauty graphics, sound nice, seems cool, but the gameplay is a joke. Dudes, I see three designers in your team: of graphics, of music and sound, but you should have thought about the fun thing. There's hard to find it.

I admire your efford, honesly, I admire it, but the next time do it more fun, because as a flash game player I find this boring. Sometimes it's nice, but in general lines is boring.

It's just my opinion, but actually is what I think

Did not know of the edemia world comic

wonderful game though as this reveiw is written I have not finished it, but from what I have played I found it very good.
also got me intreasted in the comic which i'll check out now.

nice game

very fluid movement and art :)

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2011
10:49 PM EDT

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