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Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop

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Aug 1, 2011 | 3:21 PM EDT

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Read the official walk-through at:
chrome-demon .com/ G2WT .html

---FIX LIST---
Controls don't work- Change them in the C menu
Music is bad- Mute it in the C menu
Can't pass intro screens- Possibly change browsers
(I'll add stuff as it becomes apparent to me. :3)


Update 5 (._.) The controls can be changed by holding C to open the menu and clicking on the buttons under the big controller with the mouse. A lot of people are having issues with their keyboards not excepting inputs from a bunch of keys at once. I apologize for this, but it can be fixed by playing with the controls. If it cannot, then there isn't much I can do at this point.

My recommended control input is using A-D for movement and J-K for actions.

Sorry for the trouble. :<


Update 4 (This is getting to be a bit much, eh?): Tastertad was kind enough to inform me that Google Chrome may be giving people trouble with some of the in-between screens and the like. I'm going to recommend that anyone with trouble uses Firefox for now, as that is the browser that seems to have the most success with this particular release.

Also I keep seeing negative comments about the controls with very little description of what specifically makes them difficult to grasp. I've had no trouble from the people testing the game and I didn't particularly experience any myself, so if people could be a bit more descriptive of what doesn't quite work that would be awesome, thanks! :D


Update 3: Through some miracle this has made front page. Thank you so much Newgrounds! :D

Also to everyone having issues with the controls, please describe specifically what is wrong. I cannot solve a problem that I don't know the cause of. Past that, some of the issues may be caused by keyboards not registering too many keys held down at once. I promise I am looking into this and will fix it if I can.


Update 2: After various changes and reworking of the mute button, which now mutes the game for the duration of its current run, I believe the game is now suitable for play. I apologize for the errors from before and hope this works better.

Some suggestions:
Please use the buttom [sound off] on the options menu (HOLD C) to mute the audio if it bothers you.
Please leave some constructive criticism for me so I can improve upon future projects.

The game does have medals and a scoreboard, however none are implemented correctly yet, I may have dropped the ball to the point where they just will not work, if anyone has suggestion feel free to notify me.

I thank anyone playing this and I hope it is an enjoyable experience for you.


Update: At the sacrifice of my neat button sounds and rollovers, almost all menu content now works on Mac computers, excluding the mute button in the options menu (To my knowledge). Please let me know if there is anything still wrong with it! :D


GAEM returns to wreak havoc upon mankind yet again! Use your wits and the new tool at your disposal to destroy him and reclaim normalcy in your realm!

Simple Platforming Gameplay
Options menu for changing controls
Various Characters
Mini-game (Hopefully with scoreboard at some point)
Original Soundtrack (Which testers tell me may or may not be a good thing ._.)

Level Skip passwords are all-lowercase, while character switch passwords are all-caps
Turning the sound off may actually leave it off for the entire game
If anything needs fixed I will try to fix it. :3

I hope you enjoy this game, I have worked long and hard on it.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Won't even go..

Mozzila Firefox-- Gets to the "Start" screen .. won't click start

Google Chrome-- Get passed the intro screen.. Press Space.. Nope.. won't work..

Internet Explorer -- Get to the menu.. Nothing works.

I have no clue what the issue is.. Yet all the other games/movies on this site work fine for me.

Chrome-Demon responds:

Sorry about that! Seems like the issue is worse than I thought. :<


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I usualy don't write a review but...

While this game should be good..It's not.
The things keeping this from being a fun game are extremely simple things. The first problem is when you land from a jump, you slide.
The little slide can screw up every thing on the level after The second boss, and the levels after that.

The last thing that almost made me quit was on the End-game boss. The giant Eye. You don't even have to touch the spikes to be killed by them. I've died on places that I could have landed with out a pixel touching a spike and it would kill me.

If these things were fixed, it would make this game a lot easier, while still being challenging.

Chrome-Demon responds:

Yeah sorry about the spikes. That parts is supposed to be challenging but the way it comes out it looks cheap. I promise that jumping over the spikes shouldn't take too long to master for people, but I'm sorry it came out looking like that. :3


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Flameguy kills the Fun

Sorry but he is just to tricky... I can't hit him and at the same time jump off the platform and be fast enough after the attack back on the platform so "easy" you say in the walk-through it is far from...
And By the way... just avoiding all these minions isn't really fun...

Chrome-Demon responds:

I suppose he isn't easy but the walk-through it partially in jest. People were complaining too much about certain things. The second boss is incredibly difficult, and I'm aware of that, but he's not impossible. If the difficulty killed the fun for you, then I deserve a 5/10. My sincerest apologies.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Well, it was fun I guess?

It was the best game I could find on the front page. Newgrounds is seriously getting some bull fucking shit in their Top Games
Gameplay: The Gameplay was fun for awhile, after awhile it got repetitive and just stupid. It boss fights were rushed, the enemies were the dumbest fucking things to fight ever.
Overall Gameplay: 4.5/10
Graphics: Graphics were shit, plain and simple. Worst I've seen in awhile. Fuck, this game was a dissapointment.
Overall Graphics: 2/10
Lasting Appeal: It entertained me for like 5 minutes. Enough said.
Overall Lasting Appeal: 6/10
Overall Review: I didn't like the game, I made that clear. However, your coding skills are good. Find an artist to art your games and you've got yourself a game I like. However, you need to learn storyline and think of better gameplay. Don't be so lazy. I'm critical to help, not to be an asshole. Sorry if I came off that way.
Overall Rating: 4.1
Grade: P+
P Poor, this is not good. Spend more time on the game next time, but don't give up! (3-4)

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


i can't get pass the fire dude i try and try but i can't do it damn it

Chrome-Demon responds:

Try the walk-through out in the description, it may help. :D